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‘This Is Us’ Recap ‘The Club’

Published on October 30th, 2019 | Updated on October 30th, 2019 | By FanFest

‘This Is Us’ Recap ‘The Club’. It’s go time for the Pearsons with young Jack, dad Jack and current Randall all hitting the fields. Elsewhere, Kevin and Kate work on their romantic relationships.

Golf Club Blues

Jack and Rebecca’s relationship is in full bloom, so when he drops her to her parents house he’s nervous to see her dad again. Rebecca convinces him to head to the golf club, where Jack feels completely out of place. His uncomfortableness is clear, and the gin and tonics don’t help, but one of the friends offers him a job interview in the construction industry. On the way home, Jack stands up for himself again, saying that he will marry Rebecca, and her parents need to get on board.

(Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC)

We also see Jack with young Randall. Taken with his new teacher, who happens to be a young African-American man, Jack feel somewhat threatened. Randall is all talk about the up and coming golfer Tiger Woods so Jack decides to take him out to the range and give him some lessons. Overeager Jack tries to give an empowering speech, talking about how he understands what it’s like to feel different. Randall, now approaching adulthood, or at least teenager-hood, calls him out. If Jack can’t see his him for his colour, then he doesn’t see him at all. After a heart to heart with Rebecca, Jack reaches back out to the teacher. If he is going to be talking to his son about his place in the world, he should involve his parents. But ever the caring human, Jack also invites him and his wife over for dinner.

(Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC)

We then see our current Randall struggling to bond with the other council members. When he attempts to talk with them in the hall they explain that they’re going to the golf range. Randall reluctantly joins, he’s only played golf once. He struggles to play the game right but eventually one of the council members takes pity on him and guides him. They form a bond and eventually start to talk, agreeing to meet with him later in Chambers. After the goodbyes, we see Randall head back out to the range and hit some perfect hits. We see Jack encouraging him throughout the years, with Randall hitting one in to the lake for his dad. He learnt his Dad’s lesson, learn when to play with, and when to let them play for you.

Awkward Encounters

Away from the range we see Kate and Kevin, in separate places, struggling with relationships. Kevin is frustrated with small town life and heads to the gym where he bumps in to Cassidy. One of the staff brings him his drink, with her number attached, he ends up going to lunch with her. After awkward chitchat, they establish in a small town sex and drugs are the only options, and neither of them do drugs. The pair arrive back at the trailer to find Cassidy waiting for Kevin. She’s devastated after a fight with her husband and comes to the conclusion that her marriage is over. She  makes a move on Kevin and they end up sleeping together. Will she be the mother to his future son?

(Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Kate and Toby are struggling with romance after baby Jack. During some laundry, Toby finds a pair of trousers that no longer fit. Ready to get rid, Kate protests, adding to the tension. Tony insists on a romantic night getaway however when the romance hits he is the one who can’t make it happen. Kate is convinced new slim Toby is no longer attracted to her but Toby instead challenges her. When she wouldn’t let him throw away the trousers, was it because she doesn’t think he can keep the weight off or that she doesn’t want him to? It’s an awkward situation and not the one they were hoping for. When they later return home, Kate makes a grand Pearson declaration by cutting up the trousers, all be it the wrong ones, and their  romantic flame is rekindled.

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