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‘This Is Us’ Picks up in the Aftermath of Jack and Rebecca’s Big Blow-Out

Published on September 26th, 2017 | Updated on September 26th, 2017 | By FanFest

We’re just hours away from the start of This Is Us and we’re already preparing ourselves for actual heartbreak. With the way season 1 wrapped up, and everything the cast has said so far about the episodes in season 2, we know that there will be darker times before we see brighter ones.

In fact, the season is going to start off with some of what will easily be the most heartwrenching scenes in season 2. Jack and Rebecca are just waking up their huge blow-out and trying to make sense of what they said to one another, how much of it they actually meant, and what that means for their future.

They’re also trying to work out what to tell the kids, and that has to be weighing just as heavily on their hearts. Their family has always been surrounded with so much love, and while the love still exists, it looks different now.

Milo had this to say about the first scenes in the episode tonight.

The wound is still gushing blood, and it’s going to get messy before it’s even close to being better. Both of them are dealing with hurt, dealing with disappointment, but there are logistics. They’ve decided that Dad is going to stay somewhere else, yet Mom is supposed to be on tour and Dad was supposed to pick the kids up, so how does that all work out now? Jack and Rebecca are faced with the very unpleasant thought of having to tell their kids that they’re going to take a break.

He goes on to talk about how the news will touch each child differently.

Mom and Dad have different relationships with each of the kids, so each of the kids is going to have a different opinion on it, depending on what they know. Are Jack and Rebecca going to be honest and tell them what’s going on? Or are they going to give them a version of the story that maybe a teenager can understand and find a little sympathy for what their parents are going through? You’ve got to imagine that whatever each of them is feeling is going to be different toward each parent — and even toward one another.

We sort of feel like a Pearson kid ourselves right now and we’re still not sure how we feel about the news ourselves. They share so much love, so much struggle, and so much passion – we’re holding out hope that it’s enough to bring them back together. However, with the disdain that Kate, Randall, and Kevin have about their mother being with Miguel definitely opens up the possibility that things weren’t good between the two before he passed.

We don’t know if we’d survive that outcome.

This Is Us premieres tonight at 9 pm, and you’ll definitely need your box of kleenex.


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