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‘This Is Us’ Episode 3- Stars and Creator on What To Expect

Published on October 11th, 2016 | Updated on October 11th, 2016 | By FanFest

This Is Us is back tonight with an all new episode! I, unfortunately,  will not be getting my recap of the episode up tomorrow due to a prior engagement tonight, but I still wanted to give you some fresh dirt on what to expect in tonight’s episode! You can expect my recap up on Thursday. Also, how adorable does Mandy Moore look in the photo above? Seems that she can fit flawlessly into any decade.

Creator Dan Fogelman and some of the cast got together with Entertainment Weekly to give viewers a little more insight into what they can expect in Episode 3, ‘Kyle’.


On the Rebecca and Miguel Twist

“You’re picking them up right inside the doorway in that scene and seeing the exchange.” -Dan Fogelman (Creator)

If you’re like me and still reeling from that final scene of episode 2 where we find out that Jack and Rebecca are not together in the present day then this is fabulous news! I for one will be looking for any clues I can find as to what happened with the two. I am also glad to see they won’t be skipping over Mandy Moore in her aged make-up and hope that she sells it!


What about William?

I’m sure it is going to be hard for William to come face to face with the woman who took his son in when he abandoned Randall 36 years ago. But will it be the first time they meet? Here’s what Fogelman had to say to EW.

“We see that there might have been a history with Rebecca that nobody has known about about before — that she’s kept secret for many, many years.”-Dan Fogelman (Creator)

That could be a HUGE wrench in the family dynamic when it comes out. Perhaps Rebecca tried to find William early on in Randall’s life, but I am sure that will be some major cause for concern with her children and maybe even Jack if it gets touched on in the flashbacks as well.

“It’s a loaded secret that will carry us through the first season a little bit.” -Dan Fogelman (Creator)

Sterling K. Brown also sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about his character’s arc with his father this week. His main priority is going to be his father’s health and seeing what, if anything, can be done.

“As far as we know he’s terminally ill. How close do you allow your family to get to that person? So Beth and Randall are constantly trying to negotiate, ‘What are you doing? Are you going to connect? Are we going to tell our children who this person is or are we going to send him on his way?’ It’s a constant roller-coaster of emotion for this whole section of the Pearson family, in terms of what next.” -Sterling K. Brown (Randall)


Is Toby only going to get more perfect for Kate?

Based on the episode promo  it looks like Toby is going to be treating Kate to an all-star evening packed with limos, papparazzi, and red carpets. I’m sure she’s used to living in her twin brother Kevin’s shadow and I find it really sweet that Toby is going to do something to special for Kate.

“I would say that Toby really sets the stage for Kate to come out of her shell…If given the opportunity, he might do it, time after time.”  -Chris Sullivan (Toby)

“It’s something that she’s always wanted to do but never felt confident enough to do it…It’s such a kind, kind gesture, but very scary at the same time.”-Chrissy Metz (Kate)


Will you be crying?

Probably. As usual.

“Episode 3 is the most emotional thing I’ve ever worked on. It’s really, really powerful origin story stuff for all the characters. We go back to the birth of the family, we go back to that time period where we start the pilot and a lot of secrets are revealed. And there’s something very visceral about the episode in a different way than the other first two have been, which are also really emotional and fulfilling.” -Dan Fogelman (Creator)

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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