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Watch These Hilarious Season 2 ‘Spoilers’ From the Cast of This Is Us

Published on May 30th, 2017 | Updated on May 30th, 2017 | By FanFest

If you tuned into Red Nose Day last week, you were treated to three hours of television that not only inspired you, and made you want to give back – but also, made you laugh and share lighthearted moments with those around you.

Red Nose Day is a charity driven event that aims to raise money for children and young adults all around the United States and all over the world. Funds raised help children with everything from a place to live and education to vaccines and health care. This year, there were two episodes of television – American Ninja Warrior and Running Wild with Bear Grylls that aired before the special, but as we said before, the entire block of television was to raise money and awareness.

When the Red Nose Day special began, we got everything from a donation driven dunk tank to a Love Actually short and clips of stories and children that need help as well as celebrities joining in for the cause. In one of the funniest clips, the cast of This Is Us joined together to give us a ‘sneak peek’ into the show’s heavily anticipated second season.

Now, as fans of the series, we know the multitude of questions that are floating around the heads of those who watch the show. From what happened to Jack to the state of his relationship with Rebecca when he died and what will happen with Kate and her own singing career to what Randall will do next, there are so many things we’re curious about. The cast has their own burning questions as well but these ‘spoilers’ were so fantastic that it made us feel better about not actually knowing what happens next at all.

Part of what makes the series so enjoyable and real is that the twists and turns in the show are the same kinds that we experience in our own lives. While we may want to peek into the future, it’s better to see it play out the way that it’s meant to.

Did you like the spoilers from the cast? What was your favorite made up storyline? Let us know!

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