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This Hero’s Ability Brought with it a Heavy Weight in ‘Infinity War’

Published on April 29th, 2018 | Updated on April 30th, 2018 | By FanFest

If you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War yet, we’d recommend not reading any further. We’d also recommend staying in the happy little bubble that exists before you step into the theater, you’ll miss it once it’s gone.

While many of the heroes in Avengers: Infinity War had a heavy weight to carry, one stood out above most. Tony Stark knew of Thanos’ evil for some time, while in his mind it was nameless and undefined, it was still present.

Once Thanos arrived, Doctor Strange realized that the battle against him would be an incredibly taxing fight. He also knew that the time stone could give him a look into a future where they won. If…that future existed.

It’s not a look he used early in the film, it seemed he only took the glimpse when he knew they were running out of options.

So, towards the end of the film, we saw Strange traveling through time to find a scenario in which the Avengers won. We mentioned a spoiler alert already but if you kept reading, you won’t want to know this until you’ve seen the movie.

There was only one.

We learn, soon after, that the scenario meant that the Avengers would lose this battle in order to win a larger war. The big question is, at what cost?

Thanos made sure to say, after taking Loki’s life, that no resurrections would come this time. It was also a promise made by the Russo brothers. Deaths in Infinity War are permanent, but what does that mean?

Well, at face value, we’ve just lost 4 heroes. We’ve also seen others dissolve in front of our eyes. They “die” heartbreaking last words and pleas, leaving behind nothing but tragedy and a gut-wrenching feeling that doesn’t just leave you when you walk out of the theater.

As heartbroken as we felt, fans have to consider what Strange himself was feeling. He sees 14 million six hundred and four scenarios where they lose. Knowing this was the only one where they stood a chance, was indescribably heavy. He would have had to let Tony die in any of the other scenarios.

As Tony Stark is stabbed by Thanos and fans had to watch him almost lose his life, we see new devastation upon Star-Lord’s face as he asks the question all fans were begging to know. Did the good guys just lose?

Tony then looks at Doctor Strange, asking why he’d give up the time stone for his life. Strange’s response is simple.

We’re in the end game, now.

It’s important to remember that at the beginning of the film, Strange looks Tony right in his face and says that if it came down to Tony and Peter’s life or protecting the stone, he’d save the stone. It was only after his time travel that the decision was made to give it to Thanos, instead.

Now let’s go back to the end game-also known as the most depression 15 minutes in Marvel history. Fans see Thanos’ infamous snap.
As Thor demands to know what Thanos had done and Steve wonders where the villain went after all of the stones were in his power, our favorite heroes began to vanish into thin air.

As they vanish from Wakanda, the film returns to Titan where we see more painful goodbyes. One of which is from Strange himself.

Before he disappears, he assures Tony that this is what must be done.

Tony, there was no other way.

That still didn’t make things any easier. We were surprised to see that Strange was a victim of Thanos’ snap, but looking back now, it makes sense. Making the ultimate sacrifice further solidifies that he believes in a future where Thanos loses.

For our sake, we hope that future brings our favorite heroes back.

Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters, now.


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