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This Fan Made Perspective of Negan and Lucille Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

Published on December 18th, 2017 | Updated on December 18th, 2017 | By FanFest

When Negan first joined The Walking Dead‘s storyline, to say he was a fan favorite was a giant overstep. In fact, he made villains like Dawn, Paula, and even The Govorner look like angels. Okay, maybe not angels but you get the picture.

The thing about Jeffrey Dean Morgan being cast as Negan is, at least for most of us, that he’s brought some humanism to Negan’s character. Yes, he still stole some of our favorites in brutal ways and made those he did allow to live, suffer greatly. However, there’s something just underneath that layer of overwhelming confidence that shows when you look at him just right.

If you ask us, we think that has something to do with his wife Lucille. If you’re caught up in the comics, you know that story more in-depth. If you’re not, you got a look at the larger picture when Negan confessed to Father Gabriel that his weakness came from being unable to ‘put her down’.

Recently, a fan took Negan’s confession a step further and created a video with Negan and Lucille, both in love and in pain. The video was posted to Twitter by someone who appreciated it as much as we did. Turns out, Jeffrey caught the video himself and he’s a fan, too. If the series does decide to really highlight Negan’s life, well…this will be the way to do it.

If the series does decide to really highlight Negan’s life, well…this will be the way to do it.

The video highlights pieces of that aforementioned conversation and in ‘flashbacks’ shows scenes from the television series Extant between himself and Halle Berry. Scenes from both series’ effortlessly melt together.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has previously stated that he wants Negan to get his backstory episode, and we’re hoping that the powers that be will take that into consideration, it could be a saving grace.



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