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Superman And Lois: There’s A New Midseason Return Poster!

Superman And Lois was by far the most well-received of all the Arrowverse shows. Just as we were all falling in love with the first Superman show in years, it was ripped away from us. The CW doesn’t want fans forgetting the show exists though! That’s why they revealed a new midseason return poster, which I’ll include below. Actually, I’ll include the whole freaking tweet! The poster, revealed Monday, features the two titular characters flying up into the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane… nope! It’s Superman And Lois!

Superman And Lois isn’t back quite yet, though. Unfortunately, we’re still a little ways off from having it return. The next episode, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, will pick up where the previous one left off. For those who might not remember it had Jordan, one of Clark’s sons, being ambushed by his super-powered classmates. Lois will keep digging into Morgan Edge and we’ll also, hopefully, pick up the Luthor storyline. That Luthor is from another Earth where he’s married to Lois and Superman was evil.

Once Superman And Lois is back we shouldn’t expect it to go on hiatus again. The only reason it even had to go on hiatus this time is because of Covid-19. Unfortunately, while they were filming the season the set was shut down. This hiatus was meant to give them time to catch up, and hopefully, it did. Tulloch actually commented about it on her social media earlier in the year.

Tulloch wrote, “We had a COVID-related shutdown and luckily everyone is fine and healthy and back to work, but it put us too behind on episodes to continue airing them without a break and now we are playing catch up,”

When Superman And Lois return, though, Supergirl will be going away for a while. Supergirl will return to finish its season during the summer!

What did you think of the new poster though!? Are you a fan of the new midseason premiere poster? I think it’s kind of cool!

Thankfully, if you’re jonesing for some Superman and Lois, we got a fix for you. You can catch up on all the episodes that have already aired on The CW‘s website! Doesn’t cost a penny, either.


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