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There and Back Again: Celebrating My First Year with Fan Fest News!

Published on April 10th, 2018 | Updated on April 12th, 2018 | By FanFest

One year later, the passion is still there. Writing makes me happy, gives me focus and a sense of purpose. It allows me to be creative, to be myself and while I’ve always enjoyed writing I have never been so bold as to consider myself an actual writer… until now. I never realized that the opportunity to join this amazing team would change my life. It was on April 10th of 2017 that I published my very first article for Fan Fest News, Falling For Fan Fest.

Fan Fest Chicago 2017, Linda Marie
Linda Marie loving Fan Fest Fest Chicago 2017. Credit: Linda Marie

With more than 120 published articles under my belt, I still look back at the first with great fondness. My reason for wanting to be part of the Fan Fest team is the same reason I continue with them today, family. I was welcomed with open arms and encouraged to explore beyond my comfort zone which gave me the confidence to embrace my individuality and to go after things I never thought possible. Though I have no formal journalistic training, I soon realized I had an instinct for it. Events, interviews, the latest pop culture news, I wanted to share it all! Fan Fest News has allowed me to do just that in a way that gives me a sense of achievement. When life knocks me down I can always count on writing to lift me back up.

Michael Rooker, Yondu, Guardians of the Galaxy, Heroes and Villains Fan Fest Atlanta 2016
Michael Rooker having fun with fans at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Atlanta 2016. Credit: Linda Marie

As I reflect on my journalistic ventures, I can only smile. From actors to artists, I have been fortunate to speak with some incredibly fascinating people and consider myself blessed to share their unique talents with the readers of Fan Fest News. It warms my heart to see a fan’s excitement when meeting their ‘hero’. To then see that love returned to them is indescribable. It never gets old.

Walker Stalker Con, Walking Dead, Jerry, Cooper Andrews
Cooper Andrews showing the love during Walker Staker Con NJ 2017. Credit: Linda Marie

I also think about the people that work tirelessly to bring fandom fun to Fan Fest events and am blessed to call some of them friends, it’s like walking into a family reunion. I discovered I’m not alone in my nerdiness and it’s a quality I’m proud to have, one I share with pride. Writing for Fan Fest News has opened doors I never thought possible, opportunities I never even knew I wanted.

Now, as I sit here writing this, I simply cannot believe how quickly one year has passed. In fact, I attended Fan Fest Chicago this past weekend; the very event that began my first year of writing for Fan Fest News. To say that I was excited to return would be an understatement. To be amidst such positive energy emanating from the fans is what makes it all worthwhile. This year was made even more special because Guest Artist Scott Spillman brought me in to be part of his team. Let me tell you, these artists work hard and we hustled all weekend! To see the smiles surrounding the booth though was priceless.

Walker Stalker Con,Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, Scott Spillman, Linda Marie
Linda Marie with Scott Spillman at Fan Fest Chicago 2018. Credit: Linda Marie

What began as a tentative journey into the unknown has turned into something that has changed my life. Something that I cannot imagine not doing, something that I love. Thank you to our amazing and supportive editor Shannon Toohey for giving me a chance to prove myself. I look forward to the year ahead as Fan Fest News continues to grow and evolve while bringing fans their absolute best!

Waalker Stalker Con, Shannon Toohey, Linda Marie
Linda Marie w/ Shannon Toohey at Walker Stalker Con Philadelphia 2017. Credit: Linda Marie


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