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Theory Thursday: Who Was That Mysterious Waitress In ‘Crisis On Earth-X’ & What It Means

Published on December 7th, 2017 | Updated on December 7th, 2017 | By FanFest

This week brought about the MidSeasons Finales of our favorite CW Shows. And whereas we need some time to process everything that happened, there is one remaining mystery from last week’s “Crisis on Earth-X” we need to discuss. I’m of course talking about an unexpected guest that showed up at the West-Allen Wedding. No, not the Nazis…. I’m actually talking about that one waitress who briefly spoke to Barry.

Sure this could have just been a random throw away scene, but this is The Flash we’re talking about here. There are rarely any ‘throw away’ random scenes when it comes to Arrow-verse shows. So who was she? Well, I could give you a bunch of options, but the Flash experts here at Fan Fest and in The Flash Facebook Group seem to largely be in agreement about this one – with some slight variations here or there.

So for this week’s Theory Thursday, we’re going to be discussing how this waitress could actually be Dawn Allen or Jenni Ognats, and whether she was just meant as a throw away cameo or will have a larger role in future seasons of The Flash (and maybe more)!

Evidence From The ‘Crisis On Earth-X’ Crossover – “Glowing” & Nervous:

Each piece of evidence scattered throughout the crossover was so minor, you could overlook each one and interpret it as something else. Though when you take them together, you start to get a different picture. For example, take the initial exchange while Iris, Caitlin and the other ladies were getting their nails done. There was a moment where Iris is described as “glowing”. On its own, one could take it as a joke where they forget how “blushing” is the world to describe brides, but in this theory, it could be a hint at Iris ACTUALLY being pregnant – or becoming pregnant soon. A similar dualism exists with Barry meeting the waitress. She’s falling over her words and seems really anxious at first. In the moment, one could think she has a crush on Barry – which would be weird – but when you pay attention to how she’s so excited about THIS wedding, you get a different impression. It’s as if she’s meeting her hero – or inherited Barry’s affinity for run-on awkward sentences when nervous. This also adds a time travel spin on her ‘make sure you say ‘I do’’ line, to make sure she doesn’t change her own timeline or anything. And then when Barry asks “have we met”, the signs all come together!

Evidence From Past Crossovers – The Theme Of Children:

Though the evidence for this theory isn’t just found in this crossover specifically, but in past crossovers as well. Think about it. The first two crossovers dealt with Oliver and his son William. First it was hinted to the audience and then in the second crossover, Oliver found out as well. Now seasons later, William is a major part of the show. Additionally, last years crossover touched upon Stein with his new daughter. There’s this recurring theme of kids with the crossovers so what if the same is now happening for Barry? And as with the two prior examples, Barry’s discovery of a kid will have a profound impact on the series – and possibly not for the better.

You see, if this girl is Dawn – or even Jenni – it hints at something else in the future: Barry’s death. In the comics, Dawn never knew her father because Barry died after Crisis on Infinite Earths, a storyline that is often connected with the ‘red skies’ news article teased in that Season 1. Could that truly be where this series – and Barry himself – ends? The show’s always taken some liberties, so they could do that here as well. Then again, if this is Dawn and she is reacting this awestruck with Barry, it does hint at her not really getting to know him. Then again if this is Barry’s granddaughter Jenni, then that would explain this better due to the age gap. Additionally, the waitress’s hairstyle is closer to that of Jenni from the comics.

Is she Jenni (left) or Dawn (right)?

Evidence From The Flash Season 4 Premier – “We’re Going To Need More Diapers”:

Though why head in the ‘it’s your (grand)kid’ direction at all? Well like Barry’s first full trip through time, his emergence this season has given us lots of hints at future storylines. Remmeber how the first trip gave us Killer Frost and Barry in jail; and after this week’s Midseason Finale, both of those things have become true. Well we also got a hint at Barry’s trial in the Season 4 Premier when he was talking about how he didn’t kill anyone. This means – as we all figured – the gibberish Barry was uttering at the start of the season will all have importance down the line. And there is one line of gibberish that is specifically important right now: “We’re going to need more diapers”.

In the comics, Dawn Allen isn’t Iris and Barry’s only kid, but actually part of a set of twins – Dawn and Don aka the Tornado Twins. Discovering they’re about to have twins would certainly be a reason for “more diapers”; so this confirms that we are indeed heading towards babies some time soon. Though with all the evidence – and potential storylines – thus far, it’s beginning to look like this could be Jenni, Barry’s granddaughter. After all, if this is Dawn, where’s Don? We can even consider the fact that this crossover happened in the Supergirl slot, which recently introduced the Legion of Superheroes – of which Jenni (aka XS) was a member! But what do you think?

Will the Big Bad for Season 5 of The Flash be twins that wake you up at 3am and crawl faster than you can run? Will Jay Garrick pop up and say, “It’s your kids Barry! Something has to be done about your kids!”? Who can say, but I’m certainly excited at these possibilities!

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