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Theory Thursday: Is HR Wells Really The Villain Abra Kadabra?

Published on February 2nd, 2017 | Updated on February 2nd, 2017 | By FanFest

Since Season 1, the identity/ motives of Harrison Wells has always been front and center. The original Wells turned out to be an imposter who took the real Well’s memories/ intellect. The next Wells (aka Harry) turned out to indeed be a good man – albeit a dick. So what about the new HR?

Whereas it might seem too expected to have another “evil Wells”, we’ve actually never had one. Season 1 Wells was an imposter, so an evil Wells wouldn’t really be out of the question. Though by that logic, someone (again) impersonating Wells wouldn’t be out of the question either. So this week’s theory will ponder:

Is HR actually Earth 19’s Harrison Wells and/or is he really the villain known as Abra Kadabra.

Now credit where credit is due, I first heard of this theory from Scoot Allan over at GeekExchange; and the more I think about it the more I like it. Though whereas Scoot went so far as to say HR is Abra Kadrabra AND Savitar, I’m not going to be that ambitious. Instead I want to lay out the ideas and new evidence for HR actually being Abra Kadabra. If you wish to expand on this, please do so.

In the comics, Abra Kadabra is from the 64th century, where science has become so advanced it actually makes magic obsolete. Though since he is first and foremost a performer, he decides to travel back to the current era in order to gain an audience and really put on a show. And if someone is not entertained or acting according to his will, he resorts to his other skill, hypnosis devices. Wait a second. ‘Someone from a different place who is concerned with spectacle and has a knack for convincing people’… why does this sound so familiar?

If we switch “Future” to “Earth-19”, Abra Kadabra and HR have similar base motivations since HR came to Earth-1 for a chance to become famous and be known. He’s broadcasting ‘stories’ of his adventures while also trying to hype up the reopening of Star Labs. Again, different aims but very similar motivations. Though this theory actually starts gaining momentum when you think of HR’s other two big traits: persuasion and performance.

It’s been an on going theme/ joke that HR is really good at convincing people. Since his early interactions, we heard how he “plants ideas” in people’s heads. In fact, just last week in “Borrowing Problems From The Future” he talked about how his partner Randolph Morgan used to say that he (HR) could get anyone to do anything. Pair this with the scene where he had somehow convinced Cisco to help him (where even Cisco doesn’t know how he did it) and things start to get fishy.

We’ve even seen him directly admit to tricking people with his light refraction device to change his appearance – as well as hypnotize the Flash team so that they could continue to see “his” face as HR and not the face of Randolph Morgan (which everyone else would see). But can we be sure of this? Which side is actually the trick? What if this IS actually Randolph Morgan and the illusion is only on Team Flash? Whatever happens, it’s safe to say that this HR might not be a scientific genius like the other Wells, but he’s still incredibly smart at “playing” people, which brings us to our last point: his drumstick.

HR is almost always waving around a drumstick or something of the sort. At first we figured it was because he was really playing up the hipster/ beatnik role; but more and more the way he swings that item around is very reminiscent of a wand. This was especially seen in this week’s episode “Dead Or Alive” in key scenes.

Again, this theory could be taken much further, but I just want to hit the basic points of this theory as recent evidence has certainly strengthened it’s likelihood. Whether he is actually HR or Morgan, there is A LOT to that relationship we don’t know. And it’s going to play a key role in whatever happens considering the number of times Morgan’s name has been mentioned. Whichever one he is, there is more and more evidence growing that he could be the performance obsessed manipulator known as Abra Kadabra.

But don’t take my word for it. Keep this idea in your head as you watch new episodes of The Flash every Tuesday. Or even check out this past week’s episode again and notice how he just happens to drop the ‘trial by combat’ line or other key moments. He’s playing people for sure and at this moment it’s hard to tell if those tricks will ultimately go to helping Team Flash or end up being “the one who betrays them” as Savitar mysteriously warned. Earth-2 Harry had a bad feeling about him at the start, and half a season later we still can’t seem to shake it.

“My gut tells me that’s not the guy” – Harry Wells (Earth-2) about HR (Earth 19).

But what do you think: Trust worthy or untrustworthy? Earth-19 Harrison Wells or Randolph Morgan? Abra Kadabra or just an oddly eccentric guy? Sound off in the comments below!

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