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The Yuletide Guide: Must Have Items For A Horror Fan

Published on November 28th, 2019 | Updated on November 29th, 2019 | By FanFest

It’s that time of year again where we attempt to figure out the perfect gifts for our friends and family. Sometimes this is an easy process, while sometimes we just need a push in the right direction. I’m here to help you do that this year with some must-have items for the horror lover in your life! While it might be intimidating to buy for a horror fan, fear not. Horror fans enjoy more than just movies too!

So let me guide you through various items outside of their favorite horror films you can purchase this holiday season! These items cover various horror television shows and movies.  They are even character-specific for those who enjoy the many horror villains in the popular film genre.

Walking Dead Zombie Undead See Hear Speak No Evil Set of Shelf Sitters – $18.99

Horror Fan Holiday Guide - Zombie HearSeeSpeak No Evil
Walking Dead Zombie Undead See Hear Speak No Evil Set of Shelf Sitters

We all remember there hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil monkeys.  Why not give your horror fan the zombie version of that this holiday season?  These guys could sit on a shelf nicely in between some books.  They might even make someone think twice about taking a book from your library.  There is also a skeleton version you can buy on Amazon as well for $18.99 as well.  A gift under twenty dollars that your horror fan will love is a win-win!  You can purchase these zombie shelf sitters here.

Billy Idol Funko Pop – $8.03

Horror Fan Holiday Guide - Billy Idol
Billy Idol Funko Pop Figure

If you’re wondering what this eighties rock legend is doing on here, any fan of American Horror Story will tell you the reason.  AHS: 1984 included many references to Idol.  He was going to be the headliner to the festival that Trevor managed to stop from happening as well.  If your horror fan is a fan of the eighties as well as AHS, you cannot go wrong getting them this Billy Idol Pop! figure this Christmas.  Make Trevor and Montana proud!  With a “Rebel Yell,” you can purchase the Billy Idol vinyl figure here.

Horror Movie Canvas Wall Art – Prices Range

Horror Fan Holiday Guide - Horror Icon Artwork
Horror Fan Holiday Guide – Horror Icon Artwork

Every horror fan needs some artwork on their wall.  Why not give them the beginning of horror with Nosferatu to the reemergence with the Saw films?  Any fan of horror films throughout the years will appreciate this art piece.  The glimpses of these famous faces will look amazing flush-mounted to the wall of a fan’s home.  This one is a bit pricier than some of the other items on the list.  With that said, I suggest going without no frame for the flush-mounted effect.  This ranges from $29.95 – $59.95.  If you want to go framed though the price jumps up to $89.95 – $159.95.  The sizes range from small to x-large though giving you some options this holiday season.  There are also other horror prints to choose from here. You can purchase the print above here.

Classic Horror Movies Charm Bracelet – $9.99

Classic Horror Movie Charm Bracelets

For months I have had many friends link me to the second charm bracelet.  In the least, I can honestly say that your friend will be flattered you thought of them with this gift.  I know I have been with each link.  Each bracelet includes six different charms from infamous horror villains through the decades.  The biggest difference between the two bracelets is the colors of the first one and a more traditional charm bracelet look with the second.  Either is a great option and can be purchased here.

Horror Movies Quilt Blanket – Prices Range

Horror Movie Quilt Blanket

What better way is there to watch a horror movie than cuddle up with this blanket?  These quilts are available for a single bed up to a super king. The prices range from $49.95 to $114.95.  The best part though is this quilt includes many horror greats that are not only highlighted in the middle but also individually on the sides. While the quilt above is my favorite, there are other options hereYou can purchase the one pictured above here.

Retro VHS Lamp Christmas gift Mike Myers Knife Detail Night Light Table Lamp – $30.88

Mike Myers Knife Detail Night Light Table Lamp

This is by far one of the coolest things I’ve found!  A classic VHS made into a lamp.  The Halloween lamp above is by far one of my favorites from the NancyJars Etsy account.  However, she has many other options that any horror fan would be proud to own here.  Some are even cheaper than the one above but does not have as much detail to them like this one.  The artwork is always a great way to go and the bonus is you are supporting an artist in their venture.  You can purchase the Mike Myers Knife Detail Night Light here.

PyroPet Candles Kisa Candle – $34.00

Horror Fan Holiday Guide – Pyro Candles

PyroPets is the candle that gives one light and leaves a horrifying keepsake.  Once the candle burns down you are left with the animal skeleton of whichever candle is chosen.  The cat candle is available in purple, pink, gray, coral, burgundy, and black.  However, if cats are not your friend’s thing there are many animals to choose from.  Some of those animals include a unicorn, a dragon, a rabbit, an owl, and more.  To purchase the Cat PyroPet candle go here.

The Art of Horror Book – $26.32

Horror Fan Holiday Guide – The Art of Horror Book

Though a lot of people do not think of horror and think art, many horror films are strikingly beautiful.  Many scenes throughout the years have made horror fans sit in awe not merely for the gore.  This book touches on early engravings, comics, movie posters, and more for a horror fan to sit and explore.  The book is divided into ten themed chapters including images of vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, and more.  You can purchase The Art of Horror here.

USAOPOLY Quick Play Trivial Pursuit: Horror Movie Edition – $19.19

Horror Fan Holiday Guide – Trivial Pursuit

This is by far my favorite trivial pursuit.  Of course, that is because my horror knowledge has a chance to shine when playing!  The game is divided into five horror categories that include: monster, Gore/disturbing/ psychological, paranormal, slasher, and international.  The game can provide hours of entertainment and debate among your horror friends and is the perfect party game!  You can purchase Trivial Pursuit: Horror Movie Edition here.

Shudder Subscription – $56.99 (annually) or $5.99 (monthly)

Horror Fan Holiday Guide – Shudder Subscription

I recently subscribed to Shudder merely for Creepshow.  However, I spent about an hour browsing the collections and films.  There are so many horror films I have not seen on there it truly is amazing.  In all reality, it’s a horror lover’s dream and I’m unsure why it took me so long to subscribe now that I have it.  For a whole year, you can give them the subscription for $56.99!  This comes out to $4.75 a month.  You can gift a Shudder subscription to a friend or family member here.

If you are still at a loss with these ten items, I have a few more ideas for you! The 101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die book. There is also any horror Funko Pop figure horror fan in your life doesn’t already own.  There’s also any horror convention!  One of my personal favorites, Days of the Dead, focuses on all things horror with a twist of eighties stars and professional wrestlers.

Regardless of what you go with this holiday season, the horror fan in your life is sure to love one of these.  Let us know in the comments below which gift you would most like to receive off this list.

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