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Walker Stalker Con Atlanta: ‘Unmasking’ the Whisperers

Published on October 21st, 2019 | Updated on October 23rd, 2019 | By FanFest

Fans had the opportunity to “uncover” details about Whisperer actors during a Walker Stalker Con Atlanta panel.

The Whisperers panel at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta welcomed actors Cassady McClincy (Lydia), Thora Birch (Gamma) and Samantha Morton (Alpha). The Walking Dead enthusiast and podcaster, Jason Cabassi, moderated the informative Q&A session.

photo courtesy of Denise Caputo/Fan Fest News
Cassady McClincy at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2019
photo credit: Denise Caputo/Fan Fest News

Fans lined up at microphones on both sides of the ballroom to pose questions to the Whisperer actors. Here are some of the insights shared in the panel.

What would you ask a Whisperer?

. . . or at least the actors portraying them. Cassady, Thora and Samantha offered autographs at individual tables at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta. The ladies responded to an inquiry about frequently asked questions from fans.

Samantha chimed in quickly saying fans ask her if her head gets cold. Thora joked that children hoping to play with her Hocus Pocus character Dani would probably be disappointed to see that she is actually now a grown woman. Cassady shared that fans frequently ask how they can get some of her energy!

The Walking Dead Family

Thora commented on her welcome to The Walking Dead “family” upon taking the role of Gamma. She revealed that she initially assumed that this family referred to the cast and crew. She has since learned that it is also “all of you guys” as she spoke to the crowd.

Birch also shared that it is “great to remind oneself of the fans’ perspective”. She went on to talk about listening to fans share their theories about The Walking Dead story line. While she cannot respond to the theories, she is often impressed at how well fans predict aspects of the show.

photo courtesy of Denise Caputo/Fan Fest News
Thora Birch at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2019
photo credit: Denise Caputo/Fan Fest News

Who’s who?

The Gamma actor also revealed occasional confusion about which group she was in. With the Whisperers being so closely related to the walkers, Thora sometimes has to make sure is headed to the right place when there is a call for walkers in one place and Whisperers in another. She also talked about getting a kick out of Greg Nicotero calling on the walkers to “gnarl and nash”.

Both Birch and Morton gave props to the background actors portraying the walkers that are a staple of the show. Thora pointed out that she and other Whisperer actors take their masks off between takes but that the walkers spend very long hours in their makeup.

Morton who has experience working as a background actor herself spoke highly of the walker actors’ dedication to their roles. Samantha commented on how the walkers are not merely in the background, reminding that they also have to “engage with me”.

photo courtesy of Tracey Phillipps/Fan Fest News
Samantha Morton at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2019
photo credit: Tracey Phillipps/Fan Fest News

That accent

Samantha Morton had the opportunity to reveal the origins of the accent she speaks with as Alpha. The accent is based on ideas that Angela Kang had in mind for the way Alpha speaks.

The accent draws from Virginia and southern influences with Alpha growing up in a very “traditional” family. Samantha worked with her vocal coach to achieve the signature drawl and diction used by the villainous character.

The panelists generously responded to many different fan inquiries. Topics ranged from funny moments to much more serious themes such as issues women face in the acting profession and any boundaries they have for roles they take.

Thank you to Cassady, Thora, Samantha and moderator Jason for bringing the insightful panel to fans at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2019.

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