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‘The Walking Dead’s’ ‘Hold Your Breath’ Season 10 Teaser

Published on October 1st, 2019 | Updated on October 2nd, 2019 | By FanFest

Despite the infamous pike scene moment, The Walking Dead ended on a slightly uplifting note. Well, as uplifting as The Walking Dead can end on I suppose. Considering the death of some fan favorites, the need and desire for revenge among the group are strong. To say that some characters do not want to stand around in fear is an understatement. The question is which leader will they listen to at this point. Who is even the leader of The Hilltop at this point? Will Maggie return upon Tara’s death? That might appear as the most logical direction the show would head this season. However, after watching the teaser something tells me Aaron has taken the reigns there instead of going back to Alexandria. Especially since there is no Maggie insight.

With so much animosity in the air, whose reasoning will win out in time? Aaron or Michonne? Carol is itching for an excuse to get her much needed revenge. Each person has a reason to want Alpha dead. Alpha ultimately feels betrayed by her daughter though. The Whisperers will forever have a blood lust for the group of survivors we’ve been with from the beginning. After all, they have Alpha’s daughter. While she claims to be done with Lydia, I simply cannot imagine that she’s going to let anything go that easily, especially with Lydia and Beta becoming two of the seven characters promoted to series regulars this season.

The three official biographies for these characters in season ten has it shaping up to be one of the best yet.

Alpha continues her reign of terror, which makes everyone remain uneasy as seen below.

Alpha is playing the long game for keeps. Her reign of terror is calculated. Worst of all, she has the patience to see it through to the end, and the horde to back it up. You cannot question or escape what she is going to do. She believes primal instincts are the only way of survival and must prove the communities’ humanity of the past has no use in this world. She is calm and steady, as a leader should be, to keep her flock in line.

Beta’s character bio is unsurprising to learn this season.

Beta is a Whisperer to his core, perhaps even more so than Alpha. Meeting Alpha in the post-apocalyptic world gave Beta an identity and a way to survive he never could have imagined without her. As Alpha’s unwavering right hand man, all he does is in her name.

Whereas Lydia’s character bio for season ten is more about finding herself.

Not her mother’s daughter, Lydia tries hard to assimilate into her newfound community. Like Negan, she feels she will never be accepted without questioning eyes upon her. Like Daryl, she is trying to unlearn her neglected animalistic upbringing. Will she find her voice as she traverses life between these two ways of survival?

Seeing that all characters are on edge, there is only so long they can hold their breath. Plus how does one go from being on the same team to opposite sides of potential war? Only time will tell this season as we forge forward wondering when Alpha’s reign of terror will strike again.  

Make sure to rejoin the group for season ten of The Walking Dead this Sunday, October 6 at 9/8c on AMC.  


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