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The Walking Dead’s Creator Likely Won’t Ever Reveal How Zombie Virus Started

Published on July 7th, 2022 | Updated on July 7th, 2022 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular story about zombies of all-time. The author, Robert Kirkman, made it into a comic book and then a TV show. This year, the TV show ends, but the story is not over. There are more stories to come, including television spinoffs and movies.

People have been wondering what caused the zombie apocalypse for a long time. Some people thought that the prequel show  Fear The Walking Dead  might answer this question. But even though an answer has been teased from time to time, none has been forthcoming.


But what about Kirkman’s original Walking Dead comics? Did any of them ever tell us what caused all this mayhem? The answer is no! In Issue #41 of The Walking Dead Deluxe, which is just the original comic book series reprinted in full color, Kirkman said that we won’t ever learn the cause.

The Walking Dead’s zombie apocalypse will always be a mystery

Kirkman said that he was not interested in why zombies were on Earth. He wanted to focus on the characters’ lives and how they were dealing with the problem.

I really was never interested in dealing with the cause of the zombie outbreak. My opinion has been well-documented, but the short version is…any detailed explanation would push things too far into the realm of sci-fi for me. I think it’s better to leave it unresolved. That way, the story remains grounded. That said…tons of fans wanted me to explore it, and I was not above pandering to them from time to time in ways I felt were interesting.

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Now that we know Kirkman’s mindset, I wonder if the flagship show or the spin-offs will ever try to answer the question. I think it would be a good idea because it is something that we all want.

There have been hints about it for a while now. The most recent evidence was in the post-credit scene of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. In that scene, we saw that the virus might have started in a French lab. This gave us a sneak peak at how zombies might have evolved in the future. They’re much faster and more aggressive than before.

So, we don’t have a clear explanation from the comics. The shows have been careful not to say too much. But we do know how this thing might have started. It will be interesting to see how future shows address this issue. We can only hope they provide more information!

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