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’The Walking Dead’s Chandler Riggs Says He’s “Happy With the Way Carl Ended Up Going Out”

Published on February 25th, 2018 | Updated on February 25th, 2018 | By FanFest

The world of AMC’s The Walking Dead is about to be shaken to its core.  The series’ midseason 8 premiere episode will focus on the fate of one of the show’s original season 1 characters Carl Grimes.  Ahead of Sunday’s emotional goodbye episode, Riggs spoke with about his departure.  Carl’s death is the end of an era in the series but Riggs says ultimately, he is happy with the way it all goes down.  He said:

“I was very happy with the way Carl ended up going out.  After reading the script, it made me feel a lot more comfortable with it and really excited to really show off what I can do in this last episode. This last episode it was some of the stuff that I’m most proud of. It’s super, super exciting to finally be able to talk about it and have people see my work.”

Since it was revealed during the midseason finale that Carl was bitten by a walker, Riggs has been keeping the mood light with his hilarious social media posts.  He frequently joked about the fate of his character which has helped fans cope with the loss of one of their favorites.  All joking aside, Riggs says that Carl’s death is really about innocence and really embodies what his character is all about.  He said:

“I joke about it, but I’m not really bitter about it.  It’s more like an innocent way to go out. That’s kind of what Carl is really embodying in these last two episodes and really just kind of sums up Carl as a whole and proves that he knows that there is something after the war, it’s not just killing and killing and killing and killing. There’s got to be some sort of hope for Judith and for Maggie’s baby and everyone.”

While Riggs’ departure might bring hope to the characters on the show, it’s brought an outpouring of love and support in real life.  Fans of Riggs and the series have been reaching out in droves to show their appreciation for his performance on the series and to offer support for his future endeavors and for that, Riggs is incredibly thankful.  He said:

“When it first aired, the amount of messages that I got on Reddit and the amount of comments that I got on Instagram and then Twitter and everything,” Riggs says, “It was really just overwhelming with the amount of support coming from fans that were super sad to see my character go. The majority of them were just really, really excited to see where I go next and that’s how the attitude that I had towards it and I’m really happy that a lot of my fans have the same attitude towards it as well and are excited to see what I do next.”

Riggs’ has a bright future ahead and is already making waves in the music industry. In the past couple of months, he has released two amazing singles – his first single called Hold Ona year-long project in collaboration with artist Lolaby and his newest release is titled Lunar and is a collaboration with electronic music producer Jaron.  While we will certainly miss Carl on The Walking Dead, we look forward to watching Chandler’s successful career unfold!

The midseason premiere of The Walking Dead airs on Sunday, February 25th at 9 PM EST on AMC.  Are you ready to say goodbye to Carl Grimes?


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