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The Walking Dead: Homophobic Backlash Against an LBGTQ Story, Show Responds to Criticism

Published on January 28th, 2021 | Updated on January 28th, 2021 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead is taking aim at homophobia in response to comments made about characters from The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

A small, but vocal, segment of viewers responded negatively to the inclusion of a gay couple in the spin-off series. The franchise responded from its official Twitter account.  However, it should be noted that this came from Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead and not AMC, who owns the television rights to the show and produces World Beyond.  AMC has not publicly issued a statement or sent out a message via Twitter on its position.

“If LBGTQ+ characters on television (or anywhere) make you uncomfortable or angry, please unfollow us,” the statement reads. “While we also encourage you to look within and be more accepting, know that there is no place in our fandom for hateful discrimination or willful ignorance.”

World Beyond is a teen-centric variation on The Walking Dead, following four teenagers as they search for two of the teen’s fathers. Several adults join them, including former security officer Felix Carlucci (Nico Tortorella).  SPOILERS At the end of the season, Felix finds his boyfriend, Will Campbell, played by Broadway star Jelani Alladin.  Throughout the season Felix and Will’s relationship was lightly explored.

On Jan. 25, Alladin discussed the couple’s relationship on the Talk Dead to Me podcast, noting how much he appreciated that the show’s writers approached the romance in a completely ordinary manner. “It was just two men who happened to be in love. There was no need to explain anything further. I love that The Walking Dead is putting that forward: that LGBTQ relationships are nothing different than any other kind of relationship.”  You can watch the entire video interview below.

That interview resulted in a small segment online who criticized the show’s attempts at LGBTQ+ inclusion. “I don’t like how every character simply HAS TO HAVE A LOVE INTEREST. Oh we can’t find a character for you, screw it you’re gay with this guy. It’s so fake just for added emotional drama,” wrote one YouTube commenter.

The Walking Dead franchise, which has featured many LGBTQ+ characters over the years, quickly posted a statement on Twitter the day after Alladin’s interview. See some of the positive reaction below to The Walking Dead‘s tweet.

What are your thoughts on the way that The Walking Dead has included LGBTQ+ stories on its shows? Lets us know in the comments below.

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