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The Walking Dead: Why Michael Cudlitz Believes Daryl and Carol Won’t Be Romantic

Published on July 14th, 2020 | Updated on July 14th, 2020 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead‘s Michael Cudlitz (Abraham Ford) is here to burst your bubble, Caryl fans! Cudlitz was recently a guest on Skybound’s Talk Dead To Me podcast and shared his thoughts on the relationship between Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride).

Cudlitz directed Season 9’s ‘Stradivarius‘ episode. The episode saw Daryl and Carol reunited after they had been apart in different communities.

Then, in season 10, Cudlitz directed the pair again when Daryl left a tray of food out for Carol, as she struggled to deal with the loss of her son Henry and the others who lost their lives at the hands of Alpha and the Whisperers.

Throughout the ten seasons of The Walking Dead, fans have long shipped the two characters and hoped that they would become romantically involved.  Other than romance, Carol and Daryl have become closer friends and are now the longest running friendship on the show.  But will the pair ever become romantically involved?

Cudlitz, during his interview, expressed his feelings that it was unlikely.

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“I see it the way I see it. I see them as kindred spirits because of what they’ve been through,” he recently told Skybound’s Talk Dead to Me podcast. “Personally, I don’t see a [romance], I see a loving friendship. I don’t personally see a relationship. Others do, and I think that’s great. Do what you do, you know?”

“We make it, we have a script, we shoot it, we put it together, and we put it out there. After we put it out there, it’s yours to do with what you want,” Cudlitz commented on the fans perception of the Daryl and Carol relationship. “If you want to have them get together, I think they should hope for that.

“That’s what they’re getting out of it – they didn’t make it up out of nowhere, so that’s their experience. I’m like, ‘Knock yourselves out, that’s great.’ I think it’s all great. It’s all correct.”

Cudlitz may no longer be on the show but his relationship to it will last forever, especially now that he is contributing behind the camera.  His leadership is valuable and, as a longstanding member of the show’s family, cast, both new and old, look to him as a steady hand.

Let us know your thoughts on the Carol and Daryl relationship! Do you see it ever becoming romantic?

You can listen to the entire interview below! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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