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The Walking Dead: Who Will Die on This Sunday’s Mid-Season Finale? Here’s Our Best Bests!

It’s midseason finale (or, more accurately, two-thirds of the season) time on AMC’s The Walking Dead, and you know what that means — the grim reaper is sure to be visiting the courageous survivors. Sure, it’s conceivable that no one dies in this week’s episode, titled “Acts of God.” But with an episode title like that, it’s got to happen! Right?

With that in mind, here are five characters we’re worried about as we enter the last hour of 11B, heading into the final stretch of The Walking Dead‘s Season 11.  Here’s our betting odds on who bites the dust in the mid-season finale. If you win, you can collect your high-fives at the door.

Leah 5:1 Odds

The trailer revealed that the rivalry between Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) and Leah (Lynn Collins) has pushed her to the limits. This feud has to come to a head in this mid-season finale. With Maggie’s future already revealed in a new The Walking Dead spinoff, we’d say Maggie comes out on top and Leah bites the dust!

Aaron 20:1 Odds

Aaron (Ross Marquand) has been getting a lot of screen time lately, which is certainly not a bad thing! That said, the increased attention on him has made plenty of Walking Dead fans uneasy. Characters who are not long for the undead world typically receive more focus in the preceding episodes to their death.

He’s also got the “moral compass curse,” which means he’s generally optimistic and kind, but few optimistic and kind characters have survived through the seasons. (Jerry being an exception.) Here’s hoping he remains on the show and with his daughter for a long, happy life.

Gabriel 50:1 Odds

The episode’s name, “Acts of God,” caused a stir among viewers who speculated if it might be a clue to the show’s next major character departure. Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), like Aaron, has emerged as a key figure in the narrative; he was instrumental in the effort to Riverbend, and we even got to hear him lead a sermon.

Gabriel is also becoming increasingly ruthless. Is this cause for concern? Perhaps, maybe not. But if the episode’s title implies something, we’re very concerned.

Connie 100:1 Odds

This daring reporter has been researching in the Commonwealth, and digging too deeply there may get you killed. That said, there hasn’t been a lot of attention paid to Connie’s (Lauren Ridloff) investigative arc so far, making it seem somewhat random for her to be murdered. Plus, with the years-long mystery as to where she was, they may not want to kill her off so quickly.

Hornsby 1000:1 (He’s Got to Be the Final Big-Bad)

He’s had a solid role in this segment of The Walking Dead story-line, and it’s possible that he won’t make it to 11B. We hope he does — he’s been an intriguing adversary for the show. He, like Leah, has formed an enemy of Maggie and may lose his life as a result.

The Walking Dead airs this Sunday at 9/8c on AMC and you can watch it a week early on AMC+.

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