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The Walking Dead: What Is Going On With Negan And Maggie In Season 11!?

Published on June 2nd, 2021 | Updated on June 13th, 2021 | By FanFest

The storyline between Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) will come to an end in the final season, if only for lack of time. With this being the final season, storylines will have to end or be pushed into a spin-off. Well, Scott Gimple, the man in charge of The Walking Dead at AMC is discussing what season 11 has in store for Maggie and Negan!

This story appeared previously with uncredited sources and has been rewritten to properly reflect that. Apologies to all those affected. The story will now properly reflect where information came from.

Maggie and Negan were reunited during the bonus episodes of The Walking Dead season 10, but the last time we saw them was in the season finale. Negan was exiled from Alexandria by Carol. This is where we got his backstory told through flashbacks.

By the end of the episode though, Negan returns to Alexandria where Carol (Melissa McBride) warns him that Maggie will kill her if he comes back. He strolls in undeterred and flashes Maggie a huge smile.

The final season of The Walking Dead will feature tons of storylines for Maggie though. Scott Gimple promises that she won’t be defined by her feud with Negan. There will be plenty more to her story than just dealing with Negan.

Gimple recently appeared on TWDUniverse stream on Twitch, where he discussed the feud saying “It certainly isn’t just about that. She isn’t defined by that. “It is some pretty crucial business, obviously the end of the episode [‘Here’s Negan’] seems to tell us that it’s nothing to sneeze at.”

Gimple didn’t leave it just at that, of course, he went into more detail. The following is what else he had to say in regards to Negan and Maggie, the quotes were found in an article on written by Cameron Banomolo. The following quotes were all found there.

“She was out there doing pretty incredible things. She went from someone who was listening to her dad obviously and wasn’t sure walkers were sick or whether they were dead, to someone who very quickly became the leader of a community and stabilized them and led them through some very difficult stuff.” Gimple said, while speaking of Lauren Cohan’s character, “She wore that in a way that seemed like she was born for it. That’s a huge part of her story. Even motherhood, I wouldn’t say would define her.”

“Seeing this kind of leader emerge from the apocalypse, forged by the apocalypse, I think that’s her story. I think Negan is an unbelievable complication to that, but to hit it one more time, it doesn’t define her.” Gimple went on to say, discussing Negan this time.

Still, speaking with, Cohan said of Maggie “When Maggie and Negan come face-to-face again and he returns to Alexandria, it’s gonna make for some really messy unraveling as we contend with whether he can be redeemed. Whether Maggie can forgive him.”

It’ll certainly be exciting to see what happens with Negan and Maggie going forward. We’ll be eagerly awaiting the final season of The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead returns this August on AMC!



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