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The Walking Dead: We Might See Norman Reedus In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Published on July 24th, 2021 | Updated on July 31st, 2021 | By FanFest

with The Walking Dead set to start its eleventh and final season next month, some of the stars are looking ahead. We’re sure to see some of the big Walking Dead actors start new projects over the next few years. Norman Reedus wants to be in the MCU, and we can’t say we’d hate that.

He even has the perfect character in mind! Ghost Rider.

That’s right, the motorcycle lover would love to play a character who uses one. The character was previously portrayed by Nicholas Cage but we have to admit we think Norman Reedus could pull it off even better. He certainly has the biking skills for it, that’s for sure!

He reminded everyone he wants to play the role in an interview with that you guys should really check out. He spoke with the website’s Brandon Davis where here said:

The Ghost Rider conversation has been coming up for years, and yeah, tell them to put me in it. I want to play Ghost Rider.”

It was then brought up he might end up reuniting with Jon Bernthal, who was Netflix’s Punisher. Reedus was all for the idea, saying “That would be great. So, I don’t know, call somebody, make that happen. I want to do it. I want a fire skull. I want my face to turn into a fire skull and whip a chain around. That would be great.”

You can check out more information on all of that over at the link above for

We think Reedus would absolutely kill as Ghost Rider and would love to see that happen. He would end up being one of many The Walking Dead actors who transitioned over to the MCU.

Norman Reedus wants to be in the MCU and we want to see him there. What do you guys think though? Want to see Norman Reedus whipping a chain around? Let us know in the comments!

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