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The Walking Dead: We Know One Character Who Isn’t Returning For Season 11, How Will We Finish Their Story Now!?

The Walking Dead will soon be airing its final season. You’re probably having as much trouble believing it as we are! Will the finale season of The Walking Dead be the best yet? Or will it end the series on a pitiful whimper with terrible ratings? Well, we don’t know that yet. We know one character who isn’t returning for season 11, though. Guess their story will never truly end.

The character we’re talking about hasn’t been around that long, but will still be missed. He developed a following for sure, in just a short amount of time. Now that he’s landed a role in another show his fate in The Walking Dead is unclear. Maybe he can do both?

Ah, right. You probably want to know exactly who we’re talking about. We’re talking about Dan Fogler’s Luke. Based on what is currently being said, Fogler is available for at least the first three episodes for season 11?

After that, when they resume filming the series, he might just not be available. If he’s really not available it seems like AMC will be left with only two options. It seems like they can conclude Luke’s story in those first three episodes. That, or they can just leave his entire plotline unresolved.

That would be incredibly unfortunate. That would be way worse than simply killing him off since fans would always be wondering what happened to him. Though this wouldn’t be the first time this happened. Heath walked out, and we haven’t seen him since. We doubt he’ll show up in the final season, either.

No matter what’s happening with Luke, we’ll know soon enough. The Walking Dead season 11 is due to premiere in just two short months and we can’t freaking wait. Well, we know one character who isn’t returning, anyway. Think there’s anymore?

We’ll see you in August when The Walking Dead premieres.


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