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‘The Walking Dead’ To End In Season 12?

Published on November 20th, 2019 | Updated on November 22nd, 2019 | By FanFest

According to an article in the Express and We Got This Covered, sources claim that AMC’s The Walking Dead will be ending at the end of Season 12 of the popular zombie drama.  Added to the speculation, Brandon Davis of’s video commentary and an article point out that Eugene’s radio conversations being an important storyline that directly results in the end of The Walking Dead comic books.

Also important, it is rumored that the contracts for Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Melissa McBride (Carol) run through the end of the 12th season. This potential timeline does work with the fact that the source material for The Walking Dead has limited material now that the comic book has come to an end.

'The Walking Dead' To End In Season 12?

The ratings for The Walking Dead continue to decline.  However, the focus appears to be the future growth of the expanded universe with the filming of the new second, unnamed, spinoff, along with the Rick Grimes film trilogy, there are many areas that the show can continue to expand.  Other rumored endeavors include additional spinoffs and comic books focused on single, fan-favorite characters such as Abraham and Daryl.

What are your thoughts on all this speculation from sources?  Do you think the flagship show of The Walking Dead will continue beyond 12 seasons or is it in line with the source material?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



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19 thoughts on “‘The Walking Dead’ To End In Season 12?

  1. No as good with new director. Have watched since start. Am a huge fan. Would go as far as to say superfan! Watched all series several times and it rates in my top 3 TV serials. Thrones and Breaking Bad the other two.
    Take the direction back to the gritty earlier seasons and cut out that stupid music!

  2. Don’t end the show bring Rick back to his people and back with is women and kids and stop killing off the made people off the show and kill afva

  3. Rick needs to come back at least for his young children. Carol and Daryl need to hook up as a couple. Forgive me, but who is the father of baby Coco?

  4. I take care of my cousin who is on Hospice.. please please don’t end the walking Dead.. she is a superfan.. she lives to watch the walking Dead.. she has seen every episode at least 10 times.. while the walking Dead is on I’m not aloud to talk I must be quiet the entire time lolol… Gotta love her…

  5. I don’t think the show should end. Not until they can live in peace. Rick should come back, especially with his son and daughter still in the show. They need him to protect and show them how to survive.

  6. The Walking Dead use to be a good Show it appears that it has run its course can struggles to captivate the audience that it once had. After they killed off Glen it struggled and even though Negan was humorous villain it became too redundant and the story line consumed the attire show. Then they couldn’t figure out a contract with the actor Carl and killed him off entirely too soon. For some reason they had begun killing off good main characters. It just doesn’t feel the same anymore and the transition is all over the map.

  7. Nooo!!! I Love this TWD. Bring Rick back along with Michoone, Morgan and Dwight and Sherry. Keep it going.

  8. ..watched TWD from beginning and watched it over and over again ..i eagerly await every monday to see next episode ..but this next one is mid finale !!..think rick should come back , daryl and carol are definately soul mates ..and need to be together .,.dont ever kill off either of those two ..i still enjoy the programme very much ,please dont end too soon ..

  9. Even though rates have declined, it’s still a damn good series, and still a money maker. I look for it to continue. The end of the comic strip could just open more creative senarios.

  10. I could only hope it never ends! I love all horror movies. This has to be the most realistic series yet. I am a diehard fan. Dont keep killing the main characters off or it will lose an audience! Talk with the characters to not ask for raises so the show may keep going on! For some its only about the money though unfortunately! Please keep it going!!

  11. I hope it never ends. I have been watching since season 1 & own every DVD season set of 1-9. Each time Walking Dead is on break I start watching my seasons over & over. I don’t ever want it to end. Plus I couldn’t stand not seeing my Norman Reedus every Sunday.

  12. I hope it continues it’s been a part off my family for the last ten years I enjoy watching the walking dead really look forward to Sunday evenings

  13. I hope so. So many good shows end way before their time is up but this show has been beating a dead horse for a long time. Perhaps if Scott Gimple didn’t drag the plot out over 2-3 seasons of what should have been completed in like 6 episodes the show would be popular today. Pretty hard to invest in a 16 episode show if only like 2-3 episodes of each season are worth the time. Now with Angela Kang not one episode is worth the time. Gimple stuck a knife into the show and Kang ran it on through.

  14. Kang has brought the show back to life… the quality and spirit is the best it’s been in years. As for source material– now that the “comic book” is gone, it is unlimited! TWD died for me at the end of season 6, but Kang has rebirthed a bitching adventure show from the ashes. While TWD will never have my heart, like the original survivors we followed, the show quality has won me back as a viewer and I’m recommending it to others now, whether they were old fans or not. I have only seen one sub-par show since Kang took over, and only because it should have been at least a 3-ep arc instead of wrapping it up in one episode… small complaint, lol.


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