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‘The Walking Dead’: The Saviors Descend on Atlanta, Austin Amelio Sticks by Dwight’s Mission

Walker Stalker Atlanta is in full swing this weekend at the Georgia World Congress Center for the biggest Walking Dead fan meetup all year!

Today is day one, and several panels are taking place, including one with some past and present Saviors including Austin Amelio (Dwight), Steven Ogg (Simon), Jayson Warner-Smith (Gavin) and Joshua Mikel (Jared).

Steven Ogg shared that he is watching season 9, and thinks its great.

“It’s awesome, with the horses and stuff.” he says.

Josh Mikel added, “Gabriel is gettin’ his funky on.” Now that he had a short fling with Anne.

Austin Amelio was asked about Dwight possibly being killed by Daryl, and Austin is standing by Dwight’s mission.

“I’m going to find Sherry. I’m alive. He’s not killin’ me. We’ll see what happens.”

He went on to say that he thinks Daryl kicking him out was fair.

I think he got put through the ringer. I think he’s paid his dues at this point. I think it’s fair. He hates Negan, he loves his wife. He’s gonna go find his wife.

On whether Dwight has what it takes to survive alone?

“I think he’s got it. He’s not afraid of killing people and can handle life on his own.”

“Gavin must have been related to Negan in some way, or I would’ve killed him long before.” Jayson-Warner Smith said about his relationship with Jared.

He went on to say,

“I thought he’d turn the corner, but it’s obvious that fear rules Gavin’s life, and he was gonna follow that path.”

On haunting Morgan?

That was the best ever.

Steven Ogg was asked why he looked like he was smiling as a walker, and his response brought about many laughs from fans.

“I was smiling because kept asking for more blood in my mouth, and I was bemused that they kept agreeing and putting more stuff in my mouth. And I think that was me as an actor going, why did they let me do that? I wish they didn’t pan up so quickly to Jeffrey talking. I went though hours of makeup. Going through all of that and seeing how that works was fun.”

He went on to speak highly of everyone on The Walking Dead set.

Everyone takes care of each other on that set. even zombies standing there. everyone is treated equally.

More fun from the panel to come…stay tuned!