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‘The Walking Dead’ Star Khary Payton On How Shiva Knows The Good Guys From The Bad

Published on April 4th, 2017 | Updated on April 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

Warning: Potential Walking Dead Spoilers Ahead. Tread with caution if you haven’t yet seen the Season 7 Finale!

If you have seen the season 7 finale of The Walking Dead, then you know Shiva is totally the hero of the episode! Just when Carl and Lucille are about to “bond” at the hands of Negan, Shiva ferociously springs into action to save the day. Followed by members from the Kingdom, Shiva ultimately saves Carl’s life leading to a pretty epic battle causing Negan to retreat…. for now. This was easily the most exciting scene of the whole episode.

While watching a show which takes place within the backdrop of the zombie apocalypse (and, in a world where the word “zombie” doesn’t exist, no less), it’s pretty safe to say that, reality is not the main focus of the show. That, however, has not stopped skeptical fans from questioning the realism of certain aspects of the show and that certainly didn’t stop them from questioning the actions of Shiva in that epic scene. Over and over again, the question continuously popped up, “How does Shiva know who’s bad and should be eaten and who’s a friend?”

One ESPN reporter Michelle Beadle asked the question via twitter and, King Ezekiel himself, Khary Payton responded to the tweet. For you logic-seeking fans/viewers of The Walking Dead, the answer is really quite simple. Shiva studies, of course.

Check out Khary’s absolutely perfect reply below:

So, naturally, she’s one super smart kitty who does her homework! Which is a good thing considering she may be hanging around Walker Stalker Con Atlanta this year:

Just kidding! That was an April Fools’ joke! Or was it! You never know who might show up at Walker Stalker Con! Good thing King Ezekiel trains her so well!

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