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“The Walking Dead” Star is Putting Together an Ambitious Holiday Movie in Eastern Oregon!

Published on February 18th, 2023 | Updated on February 18th, 2023 | By FanFest

Longtime fans of the beloved show “The Walking Dead” will still recognize Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes, the young son of Rick Grimes who was played by Andrew Lincoln. However, now having grown into a man himself, Riggs will be taking on his own leading role in an upcoming movie shot throughout eastern Oregon.

The Eastern Oregon Film Festival website describes the upcoming “Breakup Season” movie featuring Riggs as a story about 20-something Ben and his lengthy relationship with Cassie. The narrative follows them when they arrive at Ben’s rural hometown for Christmas, only to find their argument leading to an unexpected breakup. Left stranded in unfamiliar territory with her freshly exed partner and his family around, both drama, comedy and genuine anguish awaits until the end of this holiday season.

The Eastern Oregon Film Festival promises that “Breakup Season”, written and directed by H. Nelson Tracey, will be a special production brought to you through the generous support of Static Films—a Los Angeles-based company renowned for producing creative independent stories from budding directors. The team behind this unique film is comprised of talented filmmakers both near and far who have come together in order to make it possible!

Samantha Isler, James Urbaniak, Jacob Wysocki, Carly Stewart and Brook Hogan have joined forces to star in “Breakup Season” which has just kicked off filming in La Grande.

Through her Instagram, Tracey has been keeping us informed on the progress of the film. She informs us that it is being made in collaboration with Eastern Oregon Film Festival and was conceptualized after attending this very same festival in 2019. By connecting with Christopher Jennings -the director- at this event, she set off a chain reaction to eventually bring her dream project to rural Oregon for shooting!



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The Eastern Oregon Film Festival has graciously agreed to serve as the 501(c)3 nonprofit fiscal sponsor for this project, so if anyone would like to make a contribution towards production costs they can do so by donating directly through the festival. In addition, we’ve featured members of our crew on Instagram who are all based in Oregon and helping create ‘Breakup Season’.


We anticipate “Breakup Season” will captivate audiences at film festivals, with a Video on Demand and/or theatrical release in time for the 2024 holiday season.


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