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The Walking Dead: Star Discusses Negan and Forgiveness for Negan’s Most Evil Deeds

Published on March 24th, 2022 | Updated on March 24th, 2022 | By FanFest

With the conclusion of The Walking Dead‘s final episodes, much attention is paid to the characters who still have things to atone for, tales to tell, and evil deeds to confess.

Of course, we’re talking about Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) when it comes to savagery, and even though his character’s trajectory has altered in recent seasons, some fans and characters still don’t realize that forgiveness is an option. There are some hurts that time can’t heal.

In a chat with, Ross Marquand wasn’t positive whether Maggie (Lauren Cohan) or Aaron will ever be able to give Negan complete forgiveness:

“I don’t think Aaron or Maggie will ever be able to fully forgive Negan and that’s okay. There’s just some wounds that are too deep, but I do think Aaron has shown, and Maggie has certainly shown, that they can fight alongside him and certainly tolerate him for the greater good, if it means the greater good and not just Negan’s good. And I am genuinely happy that Negan has gotten a redemption arc of sorts for the last few seasons, because it’s nice to see that person who was so terrible in seasons prior really changed into a different person and a better human.”

While many viewers believe that Negan’s path to redemption is open, others have argued that his character is irredeemable.

“I mean, I think Aaron and Maggie are very much alike in this regard. Listen, I think Aaron has more than tolerated Negan over the last few seasons. I mean, there’s so many times where he certainly could have killed him, like when they were off on their own little private mission when Aaron got partially blinded for a second from the hogweed. I’m a big fan of forgiveness, I know Aaron is a big fan of forgiveness as well, but I think there’s just some things like the killing of a loved one, the insane, unnecessary, totally unfathomable and inexcusable killing of a loved one for no other reason than just to intimidate.”

Negan’s arrival with the intention of intimidating was only one aspect of his character. Although forgiveness is not on the menu, something brings Negan and Maggie together in Manhattan after The Walking Dead concludes its last chapter for its spinoff Isle of the Dead, and fans are eager to find out what that may be.

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