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The Walking Dead: Special Season 11 Preview Coming From AMC!

It looks like AMC really wants us to get hyped for season 11 of The Walking Dead. There’s a special season 11 preview coming from AMC! The whole thing will be hosted by Chris Hardwick on August 15! This was announced while Chris Hardwick was doing The Talking Dead after the Fear The Walking Dead season 6 finale.

If you’re paying attention you’ll notice that this is a week before season 11 airs on AMC! The whole thing will be a virtual special and it will take a look at the first eight episodes of The Walking Dead season 11. The season, which has 24 episodes, is expected to be split into three “waves” of eight episodes.

The guests haven’t been announced, but we know they’re coming! We’ve seen as much from preview specials that AMC has done in the past. In the past, we’ve seen the cast and crew discussing what we would see in the upcoming season.

Not just the cast and crew but we’ve had visits from showrunner Angela Kang. Even Scott Gimple has shown up, and he’s in charge of pretty much everything The Walking Dead over at AMC! All of this sounds awesome, and we bet there will even be some surprises in store for TWD fans!

This announcement comes courtesy of AMC’s “11 weeks of reveals until season 11”! Every Thursday until the final season of The Walking Dead airs we’re going to get some kind of surprise reveal. An example of this is The Walking Dead: Origins. A four-episode special taking a look a certain characters and their histories on the show. The first one will launch on AMC+ on July 15 and feature Daryl.

If this doesn’t make you hyped for The Walking Dead season 11, we don’t know what will! With this special season 11 preview coming from AMC, we can definitely expect some fun!

The Walking Dead season 11 bites its way onto your screen this August on AMC!

The featured image from this article is courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, and was one of the images exclusively revealed to them for season 11!

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