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The Walking Dead: Showrunner wants Andrew Lincoln to Return as Rick Grimes on the Show

Published on January 1st, 2020 | Updated on January 1st, 2021 | By FanFest

Angela Kang, showrunner for AMC’s The Walking Dead, recently sat down for an interview with Deadline to discuss the current status of AMC’s flagship show and property. Kang did not hid or mince her words on her desire to see Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) return to the hit show.

DEADLINE: In that reunion love-in spirit, any chance we’re going to see Mr. Lincoln return to the small screen TWD?

KANG: Not this season, but man, I would love it if he did. You know we were talking about having him direct something for a while, but then he wanted to focus on some acting stuff, and he didn’t want to drop out on us at the last minute if something came along, and you know he’s been doing a movie lately.

DEADLINE: Yeah, I’ve heard about that. I’ve heard about that movie.

KANG: Yeah. I mean, you probably know more than I do, but you know, he’s…yeah, the door is always open. Andy, you can come back any time.


Lincoln was accidentally teased to return to The Walking Dead universe when he was accidentally included in the cast list for the final episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Immediately, AMC denied Lincoln’s appearance and, when the episode came to air, Lincoln was not included and Rick Grimes wasn’t even mentioned.

There has been a lot of chatter about the Rick Grimes Movies.  The movies were slated to appear in theaters soon, but with the pandemic occurring, production hasn’t even started.  It now appears that a movie won’t make it to our screens until after the final episode of The Walking Dead Season 11 happens.  However, just the past two weeks, Lincoln has indicated that production would begin this Spring, while a director for The Walking Dead indicated that she hopes the movie hits theaters sometime this year.

What are your thoughts on Kang’s hopes for Lincoln to come back? Let us know in the comments below!

The Walking Dead returns this February with six new episodes!


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56 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Showrunner wants Andrew Lincoln to Return as Rick Grimes on the Show

  1. I hate Michonne is leaving. I’ve prayed for Rick to come back to us and I think the shows been wonderful with Maggie gone. I really think the show is fine without her but definitely need and want Rick back.

  2. With Danai Leaving!, We And Judith Aka “Lil Ass Kicker” Need Rick Grimes back in the Action, The way he left, I feel Judith, Daryl, Michone, carol at least they the Characters Deserve some Answers to what the hell happened to him and where he has been

  3. I definitely think that having Rick return to the show would be a huge asset. Danai leaving can be dealt with, and Lauren’s return will hopefully help bring back some of the draw to characters that have played major roles in the show. Having Maggie lead should be approached slowly and hopefully some background on where she’s been will work into the show. I don’t want a constant war with Negan though. His character has been the most interesting and evolving especially regarding Judith, as a friend and protector. I would love to see Rick’s character return. There has been something missing and the show has suffered a little without his presence. Putting Aaron and Gabriel in leadership roles isn’t working quite as well.

  4. Please bring Rick back & let there be a family reunion!!! Michonne also should come back!!!

  5. Please bring back the ultimate leader who bounded the people in the show n made this show amazingly awesome… Please bring Rick Grimes(Andrew) back.

    Bangalore, India

  6. It’s like how do you write superman without superman or batman without the bat lol.. his was main character season 1 episode 1. This makes no sense without the main person.. PLEASE BRING RICK BACK…! Not to take from anyone else in the show but.. it just like having catwoman n robin or joker and bat girl take over the whole show.. smh it don’t make any sense to just stop having main character. FINE…! He doesn’t want to return. Do what Hollywood does best RECAST… NOT THAT I WANT THAT AT ALL… but most actor who decide to stop a show or movie dont come back easily.. HERE’S TO HOPING…!! Remember how many actor played batman or superman..!! It can happen..!! With the right person to play him… I mean he left the way he did wouldn’t be to hard…!! Just think about..!!

  7. That would be so awesome if rick came back poor little Judith I have no family if Michonne is no longer there and Rick hasn’t come back!

  8. Please bring Rick the show needs him and the walking dead just not the same since he left I would love to see him return

  9. Killing off Carl was the beginning of the end Rick leaving killed my once favorite show. It all started with Rick it should end with Rick. Just think how many viewers jumped ship when Rick left I was one of them.I keep up with TWD sites just waiting to hear if Andrew will return.


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