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The Walking Dead: Show Hints that Morgan will Return for the Final Season

Published on May 16th, 2022 | Updated on May 16th, 2022 | By FanFest

Lennie James‘ Morgan Jones departed The Walking Dead for Fear in 2018, but his current season of Fear suggests a return to the original show is on the horizon.

Will Morgan Jones be seen again on The Walking Dead? Fear The Walking Dead season 7 made that prospect a lot more likely. Lennie James plays Morgan Jones, who is still active as a seasoned zombie apocalypse veteran.

Morgan has made his first appearance in The Walking Dead‘s very first episode, and he was privileged to inform Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) about an undead infestation. After appearing in The Walking Dead season 3 as a special guest, Morgan became a more regular presence in Season 5, joining Rick’s Alexandria community and assisting with the fight against Negan’s maniacal Saviors.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Morgan became undecided over whether to pursue peace or battle, and he had no choice but to break away from Rick’s group and go on a lengthy trek… all the way to Fear The Walking Dead.

From Fear The Walking Dead season 4 to the spinoff’s current position in season 7, Morgan has remained a major protagonist, overcoming his moral quandary and evolving into a real leader able of both mercy and ass-kicking.

Morgan initially considered taking his new pals back to Alexandria, but then decided on starting a brand new settlement. As a result, Valley Town was established and led by Morgan. Valley Town has long since been abandoned, and in Fear the Walking Dead season 7’s “The Raft,” Morgan suggests he may return to the main series.

Richard Foreman Jr./AMC

He plays a secret tape message from Grace alone with Alicia. The recording begs him to forget about harming The Tower and flee for his life with Mo (the infant), but Morgan fires back: “I’ve left people I cared about in the past, and it’s never sat right with me.”

The quote is a clear allusion to Rick’s crew in Alexandria, and it confirms how, now that Morgan has balanced his all-or-nothing attitude toward violence, he deeply regrets walking away after All Out War.

That said, it’s entirely feasible for Morgan to return as a main show character in the future. Given his long absence from The Walking Dead, the guilt that has haunted him since he left seems to have gotten worse, and it now appears to be eating away at him. Rick Grimes’ oldest apocalypse buddy may return to Alexandria and make up for his absence.

Lennie James and Walker – The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 16 _ BTS – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

A return to The Walking Dead isn’t out of the question for Morgan Jones, after seeing how Fear The Walking Dead‘s “The Raft” concludes. He elects to go alone with Mo (the baby), boarding a flimsy boat and leaving into the unknown. From here on out, rather than following his impulse to battle Victor Strand and build something new all over again.

Morgan may return to Alexandria at some point, driven by the winds of fate and a strong sense of guilt. After all, Virginia isn’t a nuclear wasteland, and it’s not as terrible a place to bring up a kid.

The timeline of Fear The Walking Dead is several years behind that of The Walking Dead, and since Morgan Jones does not appear in seasons 10 or 11 of the main show, he won’t be reaching Alexandria quickly. Nonetheless, given Morgan’s remorse and recent separation from Alicia’s group, a Lennie James appearance in the final episodes of The Walking Dead season isn’t out of the question.

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