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‘The Walking Dead’s’ Seth Gilliam and Pollyanna McIntosh: how A and B Work

Published on October 28th, 2018 | Updated on October 28th, 2018 | By FanFest

Walker Stalker Atlanta is in full swing this weekend at the Georgia World Congress Center for the biggest Walking Dead fan meetup all year!

Today is day three, and next up is a panel with Seth Gilliam and Pollyanna McIntosh, who play Father Gabriel and Jadis/Anne respectively on The Walking Dead.

They were first asked what their first jobs were, and Seth says he was a bicycle messenger in New York City at age 17.

Pollyanna says she was working a deli counter when she was 12.

Next, the two shared the first record or CD they first bought. Seth joked, “It would’ve been a record for me. I think it was Billy Idol.”

“I used to steal all my sisters tapes. I don’t think I bought a record myself for a really long time. I used to record them off my friends’. I’m from Scotland, we’re very thrifty. I think the first I bought was a Prince single: ‘Most Beautiful Girl in the World’.” Said Pollyanna.

The two then spoke about people they geek out over!

For Seth, it’s Charles Oakley from the New York Knicks.

Pollyanna recalled a recent story,

I was at Comic Con in San Diego last year, and I was backstage. They take you through those back corridors and I walked past Sigounry Weaver. I played it really cool you guys. I just walked by her like it was totally normal. And then, around the corner, I just lied flat against the wall.

Pollyanna McIntosh talked a bit about her Make Art not War T Shirts, which support the Joshua Nolan Foundation for mental health. You can find her merchandise on

She was asked if Jadis originally planned to trade Negan, and the answer was yes!

I did have plans to take Negan, yes. I did have plans to trade him, but it was awfully tempting just to take him out myself as well. He would’ve been a bit more useful to me if I had traded him.

Along with that, one fan posed the question “How does A and B work?” Careful not to give anything away, McIntosh explained,

It works as a useful took to define two groups of people, that’s about all I can say.

On if there was truly a connection between the two of them before the attempted kidnapping, Pollyanna says she does think there was a spark.

Oh, I’d hope so. I would like to think so.

She goes on to say,

It makes sense to me that you would look for a partner and a lover and somebody to share things with.

A fan also asked her what it’s like trying to act in American English with her natural British accent.

Hopefully it’s working. It feels good when it does. There are moments when we get really emotional and sometimes I find that the British comes out more then. It’s just practice really. I’ve been lucky enough to live in the states for a long time, and I get to meet you guys and hear all your accents, so it influences me.

She also says she liked the odd way Jadis spoke on the series,

I really liked the whole Yoda thing. I enjoyed speaking like Jadis. It made sense for her position. I enjoyed speaking that way.

Towards the end of the panel, the two concluded that Jadis isn’t evil, but a pragmatist. Seth says that Gabriel has no fear.

Seth also was asked about the deaf actors who recently joined the series and he saw a few other actors being taught sign language. He says he tried it, and hopes to learn more.

They’re really fantastic actresses. It’s a new and different dimension-trying to communicate as an actor, you want to look into peoples’ eyes, and also rely on what’s going on behind your eyes.

He said this new way of communicating is magical.



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