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The Walking Dead Season 8 Promo Spot Highlights Footage from the Incredible Trailer

The countdown is on until The Walking Dead‘s 100th episode which will also stand as the season 8 premiere. From the series beginning to now, through character deaths, some intense gore, and many ups and downs; The Walking Dead family has been on quite a ride and it shows absolutely no signs of slowing.

The season 8 trailer dropped at San Diego Comic Con and we haven’t  been able to stop watching it. Every time you view it you see something you might have missed the first time around and it stands as a testament to being easily one of the most exciting and action packed seasons of the series.

AMC’s The Walking Dead trailer was available online starting moment after it’s SDCC debut and now a new TV spot has brought some of those trailer highlights to your television screens.

Now, that doesn’t mean that it has any footage us die-hard Walking Dead fans haven’t seen yet, but for those who have somehow missed the trailer, it’s a small look into what’s to be expected in season 8, and it shows what the network put together for the promo which means those clips may be some of the most important next season. However, it could also just mean that those clips worked best together so it’s best to not get too excited, you never know when it comes to TWD.

The clip highlights the fact that the series returns on its 100th episode and shows Daryl on a motorcycle which, no matter how many times we see it, warms our hearts because it truly felt like part of him was missing without it.

Were any of your favorite scenes from the trailer in the AMC TV spot? If not, which one is? Let us know.