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The Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer Will Premiere At SDCC!

Published on June 28th, 2021 | Updated on June 28th, 2021 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead is quickly approaching its eleventh and final season! It’s hard to believe that the hit zombie show is finally coming to an end, but we’ll have to learn to cope. We’ll have spin-offs, though, so at least The Walking Dead universe will live on! We’ve just recently learned that The Walking Dead season 11 trailer will premiere at San Diego Comic Con! This shouldn’t be surprising as, historically, that is where it premieres!

This isn’t just a theory either, Angela Kang, The Walking Dead showrunner, confirmed it on Twitter. She was responding to a fan asking the question on June 25! She was asked by user @HarbMaitham “When the trailer will release @angelakang”.

The showrunner replied “During San Diego Comic Con in July! We’re just putting the finishing touches on it. :)”

Check the tweet out for yourself!

Like we mentioned above, this probably isn’t surprising to fans of the series. The Walking Dead almost always has the trailer for the upcoming season at the event. It’s certainly the perfect place to debut it, with so many eyes on the event.

Even though we should have expected it, it does feel like it will be coming a little late. What I mean by that is normally The Walking Dead premiers in the fall. The eleventh season will debut not too long after the trailer airs! The Walking Dead season 11 is back this August, for a longer, more intense season!

AMC is currently doing eleven weeks of reveals for The Walking Dead season 11. They’ve been revealing a little bit every week, and we’ve learned a bit of what we can expect in this upcoming season. For example, Alexandria isn’t doing too well. Some fans think this might be the end of the community, for good!

They’ve revealed a picture that shows a group of survivors working together for some kind of purpose. Most likely, they’re trying to save Alexandria. What’s most surprising is that it shows Negan and Maggie working together!

The Walking Dead is back this August on AMC and we can not flippin’ wait!


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