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The Walking Dead: Season 11 Teaser Trailer Arrives, Plus When Season 11 Premiers, Cast News, and Details

Published on March 24th, 2021 | Updated on March 24th, 2021 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead has fallen from its once dominant position atop the cable ratings chart.  The show is at the end of its tenth season and has two episodes remaining that were a bonus due to the restrictions the pandemic placed on filming.  With Season 11 now on the horizon, AMC released a teaser trailer that creates mystery and points towards a new setting for the show.

The Walking Dead came into prominence almost a decade ago, putting the entire world into a zombie-loving craze. The show has gone through multiple leaders and is now ran by Angela Kang who was able to turn the quality of the show around after it was driven into the ground under Scott Gimple‘s watch. Even after ten years, The Walking Dead is still a powerhouse.  It may not have the ratings it once did, but it’s streaming and pirating numbers are still some of the largest in the world, making it a franchise to be reckoned with.

As hard it is to say goodbye to a favorite and long-running series. The Walking Dead has been part of people’s lives for the last decade.  It’s now time to wrap it up but the franchise will live on in spinoffs and films, as AMC has big plans for the undead.

There aren’t many stories left to be told at the time of writing but setting up the future world and the world beyond zombie apocalypse. Moreover, the series has always been about survival and the characters, not the walkers.

The eleventh season appears that it will include some new characters, completely new stories, a unique voice, and brand new mythologies.

The eleventh season will premiere sometime in 2021, with an exact date not set.


The eleventh season will feature around 24 episodes. The first half of the series was set to air sometime in 2021, whereas the second half should follow in 2022.  24 episodes is 8 more than any previous season, so the eleventh season will pack a serious punch when it comes to delivering a powerful, final story.

The Walking Dead will most likely head to the long-teased Commonwealth.  This is a community that is thriving, something we have seen and been teased about in the other shows, especially in The Walking Dead: World Beyond.  We know that it will wrap up story lines for many characters and can expect to see our favorites survives, as AMC has teased several future spinoffs already.

Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, among others, will return for Season 11.  There have been some minor cast announcements but fans can expect that show will keep its focus on its stars.  The biggest question is will we see the return of Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in order put a bow on the show.  The Walking Dead has truly been a story about the Grimes family and it seems only fitting for it to end with the focus remaining either on Rick or possibly Judith and R.J.

Check out the trailer below, revealing that Season 11 will begin THIS SUMMER! Let us know your thoughts, as it teases that we’re headed to the city!

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