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‘The Walking Dead’: Ryan Hurst Thinks Beta Needs an Apocalypse Pet

Published on March 14th, 2019 | Updated on March 14th, 2019 | By FanFest

King Ezekiel had his beloved Shiva (may she rest in peace). Daryl has his trusty new companion, Dog. Enid has a special way with turtles, and this season, the survivors have enlisted the help of horses for a majority of their travels. For a long time, fans of the hit AMC series The Walking Dead have wondered about the world’s animals and how they survive during the zombie apocalypse. Now that we’ve seen several appearances on the show, everyone wants a cool pet for their character, including  The Walking Dead newcomer Ryan Hurst.

News of Hurst’s casting in the role of Beta, The Whisperers number 2 in command, excited fans and has breathed new life into the series. In the past two episodes, his character has officially made his grand entrance, and is already beginning to ruffle up some feathers with viewers (seriously, how awesome was that Beta vs Daryl fight in last Sunday’s episode?). Now that he’s officially on the show, he has some ideas for his character, including a specific request to showrunner Angela Kang about a pet for Beta.

On Monday, just one day following his epic on-screen brawl, Hurst tweeted out to Kang his desire for Beta to have a special pet, but it’s not just any pet, of course. Hurst wants to go exotic for his walker skin-covered character. He wants a duck that’s dressed to match. He tweeted, “Dear @angelakang, Daryl got a dog – I want a duck. With a skin mask. Thanks #TheWalkingDead.”

Check out his tweet below.

The official The Walking Dead account agrees with Hurst’s request and co-signed their approval of his tweet. They even started a new hashtag which, dare we say, could be a whole new spinoff series – The Walking Duck.

Fans also seemed to love the idea. One fan on twitter gave Hurst exactly what he was asking for – a duck in a Beta skin mask. @TiffyLaw3 tweeted to Hurst a terrifying and adorable photo of a duck wearing a Whisperers mask.

While it’s highly unlikely that Hurst will actually get his wish for a walker skin-covered duck pet, you can bet that there’s a lot more Beta still to come on the series. The conflict between him and the survivors is only getting started.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9 pm EST on AMC.

What do you think about Beta’s appearance on the show so far? If you could give Beta a pet on the series, what kind of animal would you give him? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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