The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman Confirms Two Characters Who Live to the End of Series

The Walking Dead has been one of the biggest sensations television has ever seen.  With its skyrocketing viewership numbers and rabid fan base, The Walking Dead has developed a relationship with its fans that continued to kill off its favorite characters, over and over again.  Now that the show has announced that it will be ending with Season 11 and that there are several spinoffs in the works, the future of your  favorite major characters hang in the balance.

The show’s creator, Robert Kirkman, recently sat down with Hey Fandom! for an “ask me anything” (AMA) and answered fans’ questions about a number of topics.  However, he was very clear on the fate of two of the show’s beloved characters.

Kirkman discussed the fates of Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Eugene (Josh McDermitt).

(Comics Spoiler) In the Walking Dead comics, both Michonne and Eugene live to an old age, with Michonne becoming a judge for The Commonwealth and Eugene leading up the creation of a railroad.

During the AMA with Hey Fandom!, Kirkman explained, “I will say that there’s a lot of implied story in the final issue, with the railroad meeting, and the colony to the West uniting with the colony to the East.”

Kirkman continued, “There’s some general thoughts and notions that I have for that.” He continued, “If the television show ever gets to that point in the comic book series, and we decide to continue past that point I’m kind of excited about the idea of telling a little bit more with older Eugene and Judge Michonne and the different things that were in the comic series that could have gone on, and we could have done more with.”

Fans learned more about Season 11 of The Walking Dead  in the season finale episode.  There was a brief introduction to The Commonwealth with Eugene and company being surrounded by soldiers. But first up, we are getting six more bonus episodes for Season 10 that will explore where Maggie has been and take a deep dive into individual characters.  The style of these episodes are going to be unique due to filming during the pandemic. Expect to see episodes that follow one to two characters at a time.

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What do you think about Eugene and Michonne surviving into old age? Let us know in the comments below!

39 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman Confirms Two Characters Who Live to the End of Series

    1. I really believe that Rick needs to wake up in the hospital it all started in and reboot so yall can fix all the dumbAss mistakes y’all made. The show went to shit with the last day at the prison…. Terminus, the journey north, began killing glen and my boy “red”… Show ruining shit right there… i know yall said TWD won’t end on him waking up and its all a dream…. Good… Wake his ass up Now and let this be a premonition and send the show out with a bang by having Rick go badass supercop like in that scene where the he blows away those in the bar in herschels town..
      Save hers her and bring the governors as into the prison and do with him what you did you Negan… Then have Gov and Rick move everyone to Alexandria. The Megan stuff would be better if that’s where the gov. died, I mean come on… get better writers! Yall ruined my favorite show… I’m loyal though and will watch till its over…

    1. How could it not be Daryl? If anyone is going to survive until the end, it would be Daryl. And Carol is a good partner for Daryl.

    1. I agree with you Beverly. I thought they said the 2 shows were going to meet together for a couple of episodes.

  1. The heard that Daryl and Carole are going to have their own spin off of the show when it comes to an end. We will still have Fear the Walking Dead, the new one coming Beyond, band then Daryl & Carole.

  2. Thats interesting but how when Michion left? Also what about Judith/RJ. ? And THE RICK..WHERE IS RICKS SERIES ?


  3. Myself would love for it to be Daryl and Carol. Or, Daryl and Rick. Ugh I cant stand the thought of Daryl dying. He is my favorite character from the beginning until forever.

  4. I would like to see Daryl and Carol make it t ok the end. Or, Daryl and Rick. Or Daryl and Mishonne. Daryl is my favorite from the beginning to the end….

  5. I liked the idea just wish rick could come back to be with michonne and their children, but I don’t even know if Michonne will find Judith And RJ …..

  6. I dont like it because there are more characters that I would like to see More characters survive to an old age just to make it more interesting

  7. I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I’d be ok if Michonne didn’t make it back. She was a strong person but I feel her storyline was a little weak for my liking. I didn’t like the way she did some things.
    I hope it’s mire then just those 2 at the end

  8. I don’t like the idea, Michonne and Eugene your kidding right? What about Daryl and Negan, maybe RICK will come back and live to an old age that would be a better idea and make everybody happy with his daughter and son.

  9. I would like to see Carl back. He had lots of potential for storylines that were snuffed out with him dead. I don’t know how he could be brought back, but perhaps during the jump they did, he could be alive and older, to take a new direction for the group to follow. No flames please.

  10. That’s stupid! Don’t get me wrong, I love those two. I want Daryl and Carol… stop killing the one’s we love. As a matter of a fact, Rick comes back, meets his son and daughter a little bit older… and stop the fighting. They are tired, dehydrated, and you don’t give them a chance to recover!! Who the hell they gonna fight next? The Government? ‍♀️

  11. To see main character die is rough and maybe when more then one died at the same time was over doing it. But if it was real that would probably happen. I think it would be cool if they start a spinoff from the flagship series season one with new cast maybe a kings county firefighter thats seen alot before the dead and crew going a different path but have some cameos from Rick and others.

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