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The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes Pilot Episode Mistake in Tank Caught by Fans

Published on August 9th, 2021 | Updated on August 9th, 2021 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead arrived on the scene in 2011 and took the cable television world by storm, creating a public and fan base that became obsessed with zombie culture.  Zombies were literally everywhere and on every platform. The hero of the story, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) became everyone’s hero and would go on to play the role for almost nine seasons.

However, recently a fan caught a glaring mistake in the very first episode (also part of the second episode) that could have changed The Walking Dead forever.

In the episode, Rick is in a tank that is surrounded by a horde of walkers.  There is also a deceased military fighter in the tank too.  Rick locates a grenade that he uses to help him escape.  However, there is something wrong with this grenade.

The grenade that Rick uses is actually a dummy grenade.  Check out the image below.


A fan recently pointed out the error. In hindsight, this is most likely an error with the props department and armory who either weren’t aware of the difference between a live and dummy grenade or they just figured most viewers wouldn’t know the difference and used it due to safety.

This scene appeared inescapable.  And then, we heard one of the best lines from Glenn, “Hey you, dumb ass! Yeah, you in the tank!” And the rest is history.

The grenade later came into play when Rick and the gang escape from the CDC in episode six, TS-19, before it self-destructs. It shouldn’t have worked!

What other mistakes have you caught on The Walking Dead? Let us know!

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30 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes Pilot Episode Mistake in Tank Caught by Fans

  1. I mean, he didn’t use the grenade here to escape. Does a blue nade phif out some kinda pressure? Episode six i believe would be the problem if not then.

  2. Rick doesn’t use a grenade to escape from the tank, Glenn tells him to run for it while the main horde is eating the horse, the grenade he found was later used at the CDC for escaping before the building blew up. So the mistake would be at the CDC episode. Rick uses his gun when coming out of the tank to run to Glenn.

  3. Just last night in the scene where father Gabriel runs into the the gal from the kingdom , he has arrows Wrapped in a blanket or something and falls gets up and his backs is toward us he then walks to the window to peer at the hoard, But has nothing in his hands now

  4. The biggest problem the show has that miraculously nobody tends to bring up is what I call the Jaw-Shank Pretension, which is a running continuity error created by the CDC Episode at the end of Season One. In it, we and the group of survivors watch Dr. Edwin Jenner of the CDC show a moving MRI image of what happens to the brain during death and reanimation. He explains, with incontrovertible visual scientific evidence, that the brain dies but the brain stem – and only the brain stem – comes back to life, accounting for the basic animalistic nature of each walker to just want to eat and meander. The patient in the MRI Is killed with a shot to the brain stem.

    This is not just one error. This is one master error that has spawned hundreds if not thousands of additional continuity errors in that nearly every zombie kill in all three series and the upcoming movie should not happen as shown. Every time Carol puts her knife upward under the jaw of a zombie (a Jaw-Shank), or Michonne lops of the front of a cranium, or Morgan puts his staff four inches into the eye socket of a walker, each of those walkers *should* keep coming, as the injury missed the brain stem, hitting only dead tissue.

    If I was AMC I’d have gotten rid of Darabont simply for that. I don’t care what IMDb says about him, he clearly owns this feeling of deflation I feel for going on ten years now every time I see a zombie kill in his legacy show. But he did get to give France a shoutout while acting clever.

  5. Well…….let’s start with season 4….when daryl and michonne and Zach are talking and Zach is trying to figure out what daryl did before the zombie apocalypse, Zach throws that gun around like a toy, pointing at michonne and daryl like for real teach that kids proper fire arm handling…

  6. Yes the grenade is a dummy…of course it’s a tv show…but the hatch that suddenly appeared when he was under the tank and another one I caught was he told Glenn he had a Beretta with one “clip” not mag…but then says 15 rounds when he only shoots 14…


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