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The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes Movies Still Happening

Published on January 19th, 2022 | Updated on January 19th, 2022 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes movies are still happening! That’s right, AMC hasn’t forgotten about Andrew Lincoln or Rick Grimes and told that the films are still alive! We can’t wait to see Rick return and to catch up with what he’s been up to.

Fans of The Walking Dead will remember that Rick Grimes left during season 9, where he flew off in a helicopter. Of course, that was right after he blew up the bridge. We haven’t seen him since and have only seen hints of where he’s at.

Greg Nicotero spoke with where he revealed that the project was “still alive.” Just because the project is still alive doesn’t mean we can expect it anytime soon. Here’s exactly what he told ComicBook.

“I wish I knew, and I wish I could say [when it’s happening]. I’ve read a variety of drafts of the scripts over the last few months. They’re really making sure that they get it right. I don’t know, because I’m always in my head going, ‘Okay, so Walking Dead is wrapping up [in Season 11], but now they’re talking about all these spin-offs and all these movies and all this and all that. And then Creepshow.’ Everyone’s like, ‘When does it feel like you’re going to be done?

I would always say The Walking Dead makes hour-long movies every week. I don’t want to get comfortable and say, ‘Oh yeah, you make a movie, you got more money [in the budget].’ Because they’re going to expect more because they have more money. But the amount of time that it takes to do … it’s interesting. I’ve been on a lot of movies, and the pace is certainly different in terms of television, because of the fact that on television now we have 10 days to do an episode, or nine days to do an episode. Because of COVID … we only shoot 10-hour days. With a movie, you get to go home. So you don’t get fatigued as much, because you know that you have 24 episodes.”

Hopefully we see Rick sooner rather than later. For now we can look forward to The Walking Dead season 11 on AMC in February.




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