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‘The Walking Dead’ Review- ‘Do Not Send Us Astray’

Published on March 25th, 2018 | Updated on March 25th, 2018 | By FanFest

Spoiler Warning-Do not read ahead unless you’ve watched episode 813 of The Walking Dead.

The episode opens with preparation for a battle, and battle we get.

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Dwight attempts to stop Simon, reminding him that it’s not something Negan would want, and that he may have made it out of the car crash alive. Rick has lost Negan in action, and he put up a good fight, so he’s still out there. He is most likely thinking about Simon, and how badly he betrayed him. The battle at Hilltop will be strike two. Things don’t look good for Simon at all as it stands.

Rick is obviously out for blood, and Maggie too.

I wanted them dead. Especially Negan.

Maggie says.

The two share an emotional moment post battle, which was such a great moment to see this season. They understand each others deep need for this to be done. Now, they’ve both experienced loss at the hands of Negan and because of the situation he’s put them in. I was chewing on my sweatshirt strap with my mouth agape during their interaction, because it was just so good.

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One of the great things this episode was the praise Maggie keeps receiving from her people at Hilltop.

You’re a good leader. You saved lives.

Maggie strongly stands her ground and shows that she’s not done yet, and her strength is obviously contagious. She is realizing though, that all this comes at the cost of many more lives.

The only regret I have is that Negan is not in that pile of bodies.

Rick is still struggling, and has a tough time communicating to Michonne. He finally tells her that he had to try to kill Negan when he saw him. He snaps at Saddiq as well, when he tries to give him a prayer.

It is also cool that it looks like a giant sleepover in a mini mansion at Hilltop-until it becomes very uncool.

Carol apologizes to Tobin before bed, which clears up the connection they had back at Alexandria-which is awesome but doesn’t help us when he is he first wounded to become a walker (a violent and very hungry one at that.) and snacks on many of the Hilltop people.

The walker outbreak that occurs in Hilltop from Negan’s walker blood-soaked weapons is nothing short of terrifying. I loved the fact that the walkers made us jump, and the fact that the outbreak occurred at the Devil Hour of 3 AM couldn’t have been more appropriate.

The most unfortunate part of the episode, is that Tara was shot during battle by an arrow. If Dwight’s arrow did have walker blood on it, then she has walker blood running through hers, and the fever is likely to hit her soon. There is a chance he was bluffing so that nobody else would shoot her, but we will notknow until next week! I’m sad about this, if she is really contaminated, as Tara is really starting to come around in forgiving Dwight and her character still seems to have room for growth.

She and Daryl begin the episode still arguing about Dwight, and end it on a much more agreeable note. Daryl apologizes, knowing that her fate may be the same as the others.

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A standout this week is also Henry, who turns into a mini terror, holding the Saviors hostage at gunpoint demanding to know which one of them killed his brother. He not only causes them to escape, but gets trampled in the process, and now this rifle yielding, angry, sneaky, unpredictable child is nowhere to be found.

Morgan seems to blame himself for this, but Henry seems to be quite the loose canon.


The episode felt very dark, which is pretty perfect for the show, and I hope the rest of the season finishes off just as strong!

What did you think of the episode?




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