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‘The Walking Dead’ Return of Maggie and Hershel in Season 10

Published on December 1st, 2019 | Updated on December 1st, 2019 | By FanFest

AMC’s The Walking Dead will returns on Sunday, February 23, to continue its tenth season.  Fans are anticipating the return of one of its most popular characters, Maggie Greene, now Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan).  Maggie’s return should also bring in the return of her son, Hershel, whose father was Glenn (Steven Yeun).

Cohan’s return to The Walking Dead became possible when ABC cancelled her show, Whiskey Cavalier.  Although, producers teased that she would have been able to make a cameo.  On screen, her character left her leadership position at Hilltop to find new communities with a woman named Georgie.

Maggie has been gone for the entirety of the time-jump since the departure of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).  Her character has been brought up in conversation but we haven’t heard from or seen her during this period.

Angela Kang has said that Cohan will return for Season 11 as a series regular and Cohan made an appearance at New York Comic Con.  However, Kang has also been teased to possibly return sooner, telling Deadline that, “we may see her before that.”

Our sources confirm that Cohan was been spotted in Atlanta during the final weeks of filming of Season 10. Season 10 wrapped a week or two ago, which is confirmed due to an Instagram post from Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon).

'The Walking Dead' Return of Maggie and Hershel in Season 10

What does Cohan’s return to The Walking Dead mean for the story line? At this point in the comic book’s, Maggie was in a relationship with Dante.  Of course, this can’t be possible on screen now that Dante was killed after the discovery that he was a spy for Alpha (Samantha Morton) and the Whisperers.

We anticipate that Maggie’s return is due to the departure of Michonne (Danai Gurira) and the need for leadership or that it causes the departure of Michonne because Maggie’s mission to seek new communities has led to her discovery of Rick’s location.  There are eight episodes left and that leaves limited room to tell the final chapter in Michonne’s story on The Walking Dead. Along with the impending Whisperer War and the new focus on Negan’s relationship with the Whisperers, there isn’t a lot of room to expand the story lines.

What do you think about the return of Maggie? How will it impact Season 10 of The Walking Dead?  Let us know in the comments below.

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23 thoughts on “‘The Walking Dead’ Return of Maggie and Hershel in Season 10

  1. I really don’t care if Maggie comes back I feel like she left because she didn’t want to be there and the only reason she wants to come back is because she isn’t in as big demand as an actress as she thinks. So she can stay gone we have done just fine without her.

  2. I am both happy and sad to learn of Lauren Cohan’s return to TWD. Happy because Maggie is my favorite character in the series, but sad for Lauren as well because in order for her to return to the show, her other show had to be canceled. For the record, I really liked Whiskey Cavalier. I thought it was an interesting approach to the iconic buddy-buddy roles from the other shows like it that came before it.

    I’m glad that All the women in the TWD universe are strong, but what sets Maggie apart from all the others was her intense love and loyalty to the man she married. When the Governor forces the group to flee and split up, she never gave up believing that Glenn was still alive out there somewhere. She never gave up hope, and they found each other again. Maggie is a leader. She puts down walkers with the best of them. Cross her, and she makes them pay. Look what happened to the sniveling weasel, Gregory. And she is arguably the sexiest bad ass ever.

    I am really looking forward to her triumphant return, and I’m glad to know ahead of time that she’ll be a series cast regular again starting season 11. I want to know where she’s been, what she’s been doing, and what plans to do after she learns what Alpha did to Tara, Enid and the others. I also want to know if she still wants to kill Negan or if she’s been able to forgive him for bludgeoning Glenn to death. I want to know if Hershel Jr. is another little ass-kicker like Judith is, or if she lost him to a walker bite. So many questions. I’d like to peer inside of Angela Kang’s mind and see what she’s cooking up. I also hope this means that Lauren Cohan will attend more future Fan Fest venues.

  3. She left because they were unwilling to give her the same money they were giving to the male actors can’t blame her she’s a major character And deserves recognition

  4. I agree that I don’t really care if Maggie returns. Like Sheila Settles commented above, the show has done fine without her. This season especially was outstanding. A season or two ago, I confess I was ready to give up on TWD. But the introduction of the Whisperers at the very end of Season 9 captured my attention again, and Season 10 has NOT been a let down, like Season 9 and even some of Season 8 were. I also look forward to hopefully a growing relationship between Rosita and Eugene. I’ve been waiting for that for a long time.

  5. The only way to “bring back Carl” is the way others get brought back from the dead… as a walker. Bit too late for that to suddenly happen as well, especially with the time jump since his death.
    It may be a zombie show, but a slight level of realism is necessary. Death is real. Don’t ask for a jump the shark moment like that again.

  6. Another OVERRATED character,I wished she’d gotten LUCILLED instead of Glenn, she’s a GREEDY ACTRESS THAT FOUND OUT SHE AIN’T ALL THAT, WHOOPI DOO she’s back

  7. Who wrote that stupid Headline? Hershel was beheaded, and Scott Wilson is dead. There’s not even a mention of Hershel returning in the article!

  8. Maggie will be at the Naval Base that Michonne will end up at. Michonne will tell her about the whisperer war and the people that have been killed by Alpha and Dante. Maggie will be heartbroken, she’s lost a lot of friends, and will go back to help win the war with a lot of weapons. She’ll also tell Michonne that Rick is still alive and tell her where to find him. Michonne will leave the show and will find him in the films.

  9. I dont care. October was the first time I didnt care about a season premier. I can finally go to work less tired because I sleep early Sunday night not watching the show. The Walking dead got fed to the walkers a while ago. ☹

  10. Glad she will be back. I don’t understand why such anger and hate from so many people. She is a great actress. Loved her in supernatural too. She should get the more money. Can’t blame her for fighting for more money. Don’t we all?


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