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‘The Walking Dead’ Recap Episode 913 “Chokepoint”

Published on March 10th, 2019 | Updated on March 10th, 2019 | By FanFest

Spoilers from episode 913 of The Walking Dead, Chokepoint (the best episode of the season so far), lie ahead.


Daryl, Dog, Lydia, Connie, and Henry escape The Whisperers in the woods. Henry trips and Lydia questions leaving. Henry offers for them two to stay back and run away. Connie and Daryl disagree on which way to go in the woods. They choose Connie’s way.

The Whisperers discover a bite wound on one of their people from the walker attack. Beta tells him that he will always be one of them. The episode focuses in on Beta.

At the Kingdom, everyone sets up for The Fair. A giant tiger model looms over the town. Jerry returns and unites with his wife and child. Jerry explains to Ezekiel that they were jumped. The ones who jumped him threatened them not to have a fair. Jerry apologizes to Ezekiel, but he acknowledges that they need the trade fair to survive. He tells Jerry to gather every fighter they can spare.

Tara, Magna, Yukimo, Kelly, and members of The Hilltop clear out a road. Tammy and Earl are there with the Whisperer baby.

Connie and Daryl want to lead Henry and Lydia high up into a nearby building to avoid walkers. Lydia says they need to be careful because Alpha will send Beta. Daryl asks if he’s the best. Lydia says yes. Daryl says they will kill him first. Lydia is distressed.

The Kingdom prepares for battle when they see the guys form the woods camping out with guns outside. Carol tells Ezekiel that they have guns. Carol says maybe they should try talking to them, believing they are civilized. Ezekiel disagrees, but Carol says if they don’t listen, then they can kill them.

Up in the building now, Daryl and Connie clear out space. Connie finds supplies hidden in a bunker-like area. She says her group stayed there once. She shows him a map and they come up with a plan. Connie asks what happens after. She writes that they need to keep the girl, Lydia. Daryl says no, and that it’s a death sentence. She writes one final note and walks off. It reads, “We have friends. The girl doesn’t.”

Ezekiel, Carol and Jerry creep to the building in which the other group is waiting. They don’t like that more than one person came. Ezekiel offers an alternative solution, and the group then raises weapons. They bargain and say they will take food or water. Ezekiel says no, and members of The Kingdom appear to hold back the group with guns. Now that they are in control, Ezekiel says they want to offer him a job to keep the roads safe. In return, they will gain access to The Fair. They laugh in his face and raise the weapons they can access, including Jerry’s sword.

Carol steps forward and asks them when was last time any of them have seen a movie. Silence erupts. Ezekiel grins and their leader, at a loss, replies after a long baffled pause, “Are you serious?”

In the building, Lydia hammers while Henry reveals a sharpened stick he’s made her for defending herself. She doesn’t accept it, and won’t kill her people. He tells her he will try not to either. She tells him he shouldn’t risk his life for her. He says it was the right thing to do. She says Alpha won’t let this go. Daryl eavesdrops. Lydia asks why he came back for her, Henry tells her he cares about her. They kiss. Daryl interrupts the moment and tells them to keep watch.

On the road, Magna notifies Tara of a herd approaching. They go towards them to fight. Earl and Tammy barely escape with their lives or the baby’s. Suddenly, men on horseback swoop in to save them. It’s the group from The Kingdom, having obviously accepted Ezekiel’s proposition to protect the roads in exchange for movie watching and access to The Fair. Tara asks “Who the heck are you guys?” They tell her they are at her service and continue to defeat the herd.

Henry and Lydia stand watch and smirk at each other from the balconies. She looks down to see a group of Walkers/Whisperers. “They’re coming.” She says.

Beta leads the group towards the building. Daryl shoots one of them, Beta looks up at him. They break through the doors. He instructs them to use the stairwell and leave them a way out. Daryl takes Lydia and Dog. He locks them in a room together.

Whisperers enter the room Henry is in. He and Connie work together to trick them. Beta and more break into Daryl’s room. Henry is taken down. Lydia gets herself out in time for Dog to attack and save him. Connie also defeats the walkers in her area. Henry has a large stab wound from a shovel.

Daryl hides behind sheets, and Beta dives into him. They battle it out with knives. Daryl is thrown around, and finally lands over a buzz saw. Beta continuously asks where Lydia is. Daryl stabs Beta and flies through a wall.

Daryl tricks him and sneaks from under the floorboards. he knocks Beta off a balcony and walks off.

The Kingdom and the road protectors return. The leader tips his hat to Carol. Tammy and Early get off the truck and Tammy says she’s never letting go of the baby.

Carol asks where Henry is. Tara mentions them not being back yet. “Where exactly are they?” Carol asks.

At the building, Connie shoots more walkers outside. The four of them wrap Henry’s leg and talk about leaving. Daryl has decided to let Lydia stay and there is a whole world out there for them.

Flash to the room with sheets, opening to the elevator shaft that Daryl pushed Beta down. He moans and awakens from consciousness. Having a bit of blood from his head, he stands up again. He looks up to where he fell from.


The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9 PM ET on AMC.


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