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‘The Walking Dead’ Recap Episode 911 “Bounty”

Published on February 24th, 2019 | Updated on February 24th, 2019 | By FanFest

This post contains spoilers from season 9 episode 11 of The Walking Dead, Bounty.

A flashback. Ezekiel asks Jerry what he was trying to tell him earlier. They are with Carol, whose hair is shoulder length, not fully grown out. Jerry tells him that her and viola are pregnant.

Jesus and Tara ride up on horseback. Ezekiel gives him drugs and supplies. Tara says she took more supplies from Alexandria she shouldn’t have, and Michonne wouldn’t be happy. She also says Maggie is mad at Michonne, and give him a declaration. He says he is honored to be the keeper of the document for now. Carol tells them to give Maggie their best. They open the tube and pull out a multi community declaration.

Flash to present. Ezekiel studies it alone in his theater. He receives an update from Diane, and greets Carol. She says she missed him.

Back at hilltop, the whisperers wait. Alpha says she just wants her daughter, and knows they have her. Daryl tells them to leave. Alpha says wrong answer and calls more whisperers.

Enid treats Earl’s current illness while his wife Tammy looks on. Tammy says she appreciates Enid’s help. She says in the years since Kenneth has passed, Earl has been a grump. She is obviously concerned about Alden being lost in the woods.

The Whisperers don’t see Connie hiding yet. Magna asks them if they killed their friends. Alpha says no and asks who leads the people. She says your people crossed into their land, and that there will be no conflict.

Daryl doesn’t want to give Lydia up. He goes out to talk to her.

Out in the woods, Ezekiel, Carol and more finish loading up. Ezekiel says he thinks Carol should accompany them back. Carol asks what’s going on and asks why he’s scared of telling her. Ezekiel says here is a side mission to pick up an item for the fai and that she wouldn’t be interested. She asks him more, and he says he will so where.

At an infested movie theater, Jerry jokes over and over until Carol stops him, “it’s movie time.”

Daryl walks out towards Alpha. She summons two of the whispers to “go get him.” They walk the opposite direction.

Daryl tells her they have enough fire to light them all up. He notices they have a baby. They also bring out Luke and Alden. She says they should trade her daughter for those two.

Ezekiel wants a projector bulb from the theater. Carol questions the importance. He expresses how Henry used to love move nights and that the young ones don’t now what moves are anymore and he wants to bring cinema back from the dead. He says they are giving the gift of joy and lifelong friendship. Carol says okay. They lead the walkers out with 70s hit It’s Alright Now.” And Carol is clearly not amused.

They enter the theater and kill more walkers. They find the projector room.

Alpha and more whisperers see real walkers heading towards them. Luke turns and sees Connie in the forest. He is surprised but tries to sign to her to stay hidden and that dead are coming, even though his hands are tied behind his back.

Enid asks Daryl what they said. Tara and Yumiko had gone to get Lydia and she and Henry were gone. He puts Dog on the scent. Outside, the walkers move closer. The baby starts to cry. Alpha signals to her that there’s nothing they can do and natural selection needs to take the baby. The mother puts it on the ground. Enid offers to go find Henry.

Alden yells at them not to let the baby die. Luke signals to Connie who runs out to save the baby. She runs from the walkers and whisperers. She is surrounded but keeps fighting. Daryl and more from the group enter the cornfield and save her.

At the theater, Jerry tried to get the projection bulb. He moves carefully because it’s fragile. Ezekiel also attempts to unscrew a movie theater metal frame s he can display the charter once its signed at the fair. Carol says she is in uncertain it will be signed, and The Kingdom may not be where they are forever. Outside, boombox they were using to distract walkers died and there will be a walker breach.

Jerry retrieves the bulb and wraps it. He drops the bulb when a walker jumps out and scares them. The bulb has fallen into a walker pit.

Henry and Lydia have found her new clothes in a house in the woods, most likely the one he partied at with the other kids. Enid tells Henry that Lydia has to go back, and that Alden and Luke are in danger. She tells him the story of when she saw her parents die, and just survive somehow. She also references Carl’s death, without naming him. She talks about his letter, which said that surviving isn’t living.
Lydia emerges and says she has to go back, but she will miss him. She kisses him.

Daryl brings Lydia to Alpha. She lets Luke and Alden go. Enid embraces Alden, and Connie hugs Luke.

Lydia thanks her mom for coming to get her. Alpha slaps her in th face, and says “You call me Alpha, I call the rest.” “Yes Alpha” Lydia responds.

Back at the theater, Jerry tells Ezekiel he dropped the bulb. Ezekiel says they need to leave. Carol seps in an says the should stay and fight for hat they came for. The 70s jam plays again as Carol raises her bow and they take out most of the walkers. Carol smiles on them. They end up successful, and Carol jokes “I only kill joy some of the time.”

Daryl walks past Henry and Henry tells Daryl it wasn’t okay, but he understands. He says he saw the scars on Daryl’s back, and says he knows what they sent her back to. He asks how he can live with it. Daryl says the world can be just bad sometimes, and you live with it. He says he did what he had to do today.

Carol and Ezekiel frame the declaration and set up the projector. They embrace in the spotlight.

Back at Alexandria, Luke is reunited with his crew and they have a toast.
Tammy and Earl have taken in the new baby.
Jerry holds his baby at Hilltop.

One of Henry’s fiends finds Daryl and says she found a letter in his room.

Connie sees Daryl leaving and writes on a pad that she’s coming too. He tells her not to, but she writes that she can’t live with it either.

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