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‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Episode 909 “Adaptation”

Published on February 10th, 2019 | Updated on February 10th, 2019 | By FanFest

Beware: Spoilers lie ahead!

The Walking Dead returned this week for its mid-season 9 finale, with a brand new up close and personal story line with one of the Whisperers.

Flash to Jesus’s face and Whisperer mask. “You die now.” is heard whispered in the background.
The group makes a quick plan after Jesus is killed by one of the Whisperers. They pick up the gooey walker mask and leave the cemetery. Michonne covers them as they fight walkers. Zoom in as one of the walkers reaches over and unlocks the cemetery gate.

Negan, now free of his jail cell due to somebody leaving the door unlocked, walks around Alexandria and smiles at his surroundings. He takes a bite of fruit they have grown on the land. He walks with a shovel towards Michonne’s townhouse.
He finds nobody there. He exits and attempts to climb up the barriers. Judith stops him and says “I thought you were smarter than this.” She threatens to pull  the trigger. Negan tries to bargain with her. It doesn’t work. Negan tells her that things have changed for everyone but him. He says he is unable to change, because he’s been locked up. “Rules are rules.” she says.

“You know me better than anyone’s known me in a long time.” He tells her. He says he promises not hurt people anymore. He says he has to go. She lowers the gun. He puts his hat on and thanks her. She notices that he took her compass from her bedroom. She says if she sees him again, she will shoot. He climbs out of Alexandria, and leaves.

back at Hilltop, Alden and Enid talk about where the group is. Tara begins to plan a rescue mission. 
Luke volunteers to help.
He says he just wants to do his part. Enid tells Alden to be safe, and kisses him. Luke and Alden joke jovially as they depart.

In the woods, Daryl and Aaron drag Jesus body back with the crew. They move away as fast as they can. Later, Daryl and Michonne talk as they walk. Daryl is concerned about the new group. Michonne says Judith and her vouch for them. They talk about burying Jesus’ body. Daryl apologizes that he couldn’t do the same for her, referring to Rick. Michonne thanks Daryl for trying to find Rick.

Magna tells Aaron she wishes she met him. Aaron says he was a good one. He scolds them for coming out into the woods. Eugene apologizes for his involvement as they come across walkers on a bridge. Daryl shoots one in the leg. Another pulls a knife. Daryl holds her to the ground and rips off her mask. She begs for her life. She tells them she’s the only one left and that they killed the rest. They take her with them as they head back to Hilltop.

Negan walks happily free through the woods. He finds food and water along the way and rest at a van. He hits a walker with a shovel, and awakens more that have been burnt and charred. He drinks pond water and later throws it up.

Michonne, Daryl, Aaron, Eugene return to Hilltop. They see Jesus’ body draped over a horse. Enid and Aaron embrace in tears. Michonne and Tara confront the whisperer girl in a jail cell, trying to get her to talk.

Flash to Negan, exploring a ravaged town center. He finds a leather jacket and puts it on. A dog emerges and growls. More join him. They attack and Began runs and hides on a bunk bed. He traps a walker in with one of the dogs, killing it.

Flash to Luke and Alden on horseback, talking about music and singing. They plan to become a two man band at the fair. They come across an arrow in a tree, and walkers emerge. Alden saves Luke with an arrow. Luke recognizes the arrows in the tree. He claims his friend is using them to lead them to his own people. They hear whispering and walkers. A herd is moving away.

Michonne and Tara question the Whisperer girl. She claims her family is dead. She says her people were good and they were trying to see if they were good people too. Michonne doesn’t buy it.

She says she’s leaving to inform her people about the Whisperers. Tara says she guesses it’s her call now, and the new group can stay. Michonne tells Daryl that keeping her is a risk. He says he will get her to talk. She gives him the okay to kill her if she doesn’t.

Rosita and Siddiq help Eugene’s wounds. He tells Rosita he was scared she didn’t make it. He tries to reveal his love for her, and she runs out, only to throw up outside the house. Siddiq tells her to rest, and she tells him that isn’t the problem. She reveals that she and Siddiq were involved before she started dating Gabriel. She reveals that she’s pregnant, and insinuates that it’s his, from when they had hooked up before she began her current relationship with Father Gabriel.

Negan returns to the Sanctuary. He finds it deserted. He even whistles his signature tune. He finds a motorcycle and seesa member of his old crew, now a walker.

Flash to Michonne loading up to head back. Aaron tells her she’s right and they have everything they need in Alexandria. He tells her to forget about the fair. Michonne tells Daryl he needs to help Tara run Hilltop. She says it’s about doing whatever it takes to not bury more.

Negan forms a makeshift living room with the damaged, wet furniture left at Sanctuary. He confronts his former followers, now walkers. He takes them out with a crowbar. He looks down at his pocketwatch, marked with JG.

Hilltop looks on as they bury Jesus. Daryl questions the Whisperer girl. She tells him it was only her and ten others. She says he mom is now alone and escaped the cemetery. Daryl calls her a liar and drags her out of the cell. Henry shouts out at Daryl and tells him she’s just a girl. Daryl is mad and tells him to wise up. The whisperer girl thanks him from her cell. He introduces himself. “I’m Lydia.” she says.

Flash to Negan riding jovially on a motorcycle. Judith sees him. She shoots him. Negan tells her he wants to go back. There’s nothing for him outside. She shrugs and leads him back.

Magna and Enid meet. They talk about their significant others, and how complicated things are now.

Luke and Alden continue on their journey through the woods, only to see a walker. It stops in its tracks. Others emerge. One approaches them and says “Trail ends here.”
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