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‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: 9×06 ‘Who Are You Now?”

Published on November 11th, 2018 | Updated on November 11th, 2018 | By FanFest

Michonne speaks about a better future and looking ahead.

“The truth is ,the path ahead has only grown darker and harde to see. You can feel so lost, so alone, so desperate for something.”

She finds a deserted van, and a box that holds a tiny action figure that looks eerily like a tiny Rick Grimes holding out a gun.

Michonne talks of “tiny beacons that shine out, calling to us.”

Daryl finds a walker growing from a tree. A family of birds continues to live.

Carol, with a new long hairdo, sees a tiny sprout growing.

Michonne says she dreams every second of every day. “For you, for us. I haven’t given up. And I never will.” She says at the bridge where Rick disappeared 6 years prior. She believes he is dead.

Judith leads a group of strangers to Aaron. Rosita scolds Judith. One member says he’s a chef, and Eugene tells him they make stew. Two of the group members speak in sign language to communicate. Judith says the group needs food, water and medicine. Aaron hesitates, but lets them follow them home.

Carol and Jerry talk about rebuilding. He calls her his queen. They here a gunshot and run to a boiler room. A now teenage Henry is there fixing the burst pipe. Henry calls Ezekiel dad. They squabble about hiring people to work the pipes. Henry practices his stick work outside. Carol and Ezekiel look on and Carol says he’s right to want to fix his home. Ezekiel says he wants Henry safe.

The new group arrive at Alexandria with Judith, Aaron, Eugene and Rosita. Judith grabs the hand of a new woman and promises her they’ll be safe here. “This is Alexandria, this is home.” says Judith. The group enters, in awe. People notice and gather. Gracie calls Aaron Daddy, and he tells her to stay where she is. Siddiq takes one of the wounded new members to the infirmary. Michonne rides in from her horseback journey. She’s not pleased that 5 new people have come in. She looks them over and pats one woman down. Aaron said it was his call and Michonne says it wasn’t his to make. Judith steps in and says it’s her fault. Michonne isn’t happy, but the group makes it clear that its right to bring them in and decide tomorrow with a vote. Judith finds the Rick action figure on the ground.

Ezekiel has allowed Henry to go out on a mission with a group. He tells him to be responsible, respectful and safe. He tells Carol he wishes he could go, but if this brought the communities together it will change everything. He says Henry is a dreamer and sees he world how it should be. Carol says,” I wonder where she gets that from.” They talk about her ideas for the future.

Gabriel leads the vote. He asks if they have a leader. We find out it was Magna first, then Connie and Kelly who met first. One of the men says they lost Bernie yesterday. They were a music teacher, waitress, journalist and high schooler. Gabriel asks who they are and what they did to survive. Their answers seem honest and deep, they’ve never been asked these questions before. Before they vote, the now chairperson and head of security, Michonne, asks to speak. She asks for Magna’s left hand. On it she finds a prison tattoo, revealing she served hard time before the outbreak before seconding the motion for a vote.

Gabriel toys with a radio. Rosita enters and he tells her he believes the new people are good. They say Michonne purposefully riled the group up against them. They plan ways to go furhter out safely, to find survivors. Rosita says her and Eugene will work on it. She kisses Gabriel and he tells her she’s amazing.

Judith hears Michonne talking to herself. She sounds like she’s talking to Rick. She sees Judith and says it’s almost time for her lesson and homework. “K mom.” Judith says.

Carol and Henry are riding in a horse and buggy and hear screaming. Henry runs after it to help, and it turns out to be the old saviors group crying wolf. Carol swoops in behind him.

Eugene and Rosita ride on a buggy, and see a trail of leaves from walkers.

Siddiq tells Magna she will get better in the infirmary.

Carol and Henry apprehend the Saviors by giving him the ring from Ezekiel.

Judith reads from a schoolbook. Negan listens from his cell and gives her advice on a math problem. Judith tells him that Michonne is going to make the new people leave. He tells her sometimes it’s necessary to not bring new people in. She gives him sass and he smiles.

Eugene climbs a water tower and sees a herd headed towards them. He drops his backpack and scares the horses away. He kicks the ladder down and has to jump. He injures himself but they get away.

Carol and Henry sit in a makeshift shelter. He wonders why they didn’t kill the saviors. She says he changed the way she looked at the world and that he would understand someday.

Magna and the new crew debate on whether she should keep her last knife. She is concerned about being thrown back outside with no weapons. They talk about trying to convince Michonne to let them stay or fight them. In the end she turns over the knife and accepts their fate.

Carol walks around in the Saviors shelter. She has poured gasoline over them. She lights a match and drops it, burning the entire group alive.

Michonne hugs a different child in the house. Magna knocks on her door and hands her her final knife. She admits to doing bad things. Michonne says they’ve all done things. Magna walks away and Michonne turns to find Judith with Rick’s gun. She says her dad would want her to be able to protect her fami.y Michonne says he and Carl would hve been proud of her for helping the group.Judth says she’s forgettin their voices and she hopes Michonne can still hear them.The other child, a little boy, runs into her arms.

Eugene and Rosita run from the herd in the woods. He says he wants to tell her something, and she says “Don’t make this weird, we’re making it.”

Henry thanks Carol and sees that she has somehow gotten her ring back. They run into Daryl.

Michonne gets ready for bed and we see an X shaped scar on her back. She holds one of Rick’s shirts close, then puts it on.

Magna and her group get ready to head out. They take special notice to thank Judith. Michonne comes to them and tells them she’s had a change of heart. She will escort them to Hilltop. The woman who speaks sign language teaches her thank you.

Eugene and Rosita cover themselves with dirt and hide in a ditch. The walkers can be heard whispering “Where are they? Don’t let them get away.”



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