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‘The Walking Dead’ Really is a Family Show

Published on November 2nd, 2016 | Updated on November 4th, 2016 | By FanFest

Now when I say family show, and I’m not just talking about Merle and Daryl or Maggie and Beth, not even Carl and Judith.

I mean that literally- there are siblings cast in the show!

It was revealed in last Sunday’s Talking Dead episode covering The Well that Carol’s hallucination inducing fever walkers were played by twins. One played the walker while the other played the pre-apocalyptic version.

But there are other sets of siblings getting scene time- and not even in the same season!

Sophia Peletier and Henry from the Kingdom.

That’s right! Madison Lintz’s little bro, Macsen, is taking a stab at surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Take a look at this adorable throwback photo. Madison posted it to celebrate Macsen’s gig with the caption “Macsen and I on set of TWD many years ago. Little did we know Macsen would be back. Check out tonight’s episode of TWD. Welcome to the TWD family little bro.”

And you guys know the character Sasha, right? While  Sonequa Martin-Green’s siblings  haven’t made it to the set, her husband, Kenric Green, got in on the zombie slaying action as Alexandrian Scott.


Did you notice the family resemblance?


source: moviepilot

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