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‘The Walking Dead’ Prank War Continues! Andrew Lincoln’s Revenge Glitter Bomb Gone Wrong at SDCC

Published on July 23rd, 2016 | Updated on July 10th, 2018 | By FanFest

There have been lots of exciting news stories from the world of The Walking Dead within the past 24 hours.  We got a kick-ass Season 7 trailer, casting news about a fan favorite from the comics, and some comedic relief from two of the shows biggest stars!

Earlier this week, The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus rekindled an epic prank war which has been ongoing between him and fellow co-star Andrew Lincoln.

Reedus mischievously filled Lincoln’s car air conditioner vents with tons and tons (and TONS) of glitter so, after a long, hot summer day of filming, when Lincoln got to his car and put the air on full blast…. POOF!  Glitter bomb!  Reedus can be heard giggling up a storm in the video clip but, everyone knows, Lincoln will get his revenge!

That vengeful moment happened just yesterday during The Walking Dead panel at San Diego Comic-Con.  Panel moderator Chris Hardwick, asked the group about the ongoing pranks occurring on set and Lincoln explains how Reedus’ glitter bomb got him not once, but twice:

“I drove home from that point and there were people at red lights looking at me like I’d been clubbing…. And I went,  I’m going to have to, before I go home and get humiliated, I went and vacuumed the thing up, ya know, and it took me 25 minutes!  And I was beading up with sweat and I got back in the car and cranked up the air-con again and it just went “WOOOOSH” stuck to my sweaty face.  And then I went to the coffee shop and they said, ‘You have something in your hairline.’  Now they’re calling me Sparkles, Glitter Boy.  I used to be somebody in my own home town.”

Poor Andrew Lincoln!  He went on to explain how, when he was leaving for SDCC, his children, with tears in their eyes, asked him what happened. He told his children that “Nanny Norman” had humiliated their father.  His children asked him what they could do to help and, while everyone, including Reedus, was distracted by the heart-wrenching story of embarrassment, Lincoln tried for a sneak attack that definitely backfired.  Pulling a handful seemingly from thin air, Lincoln attempted to blow glitter into Reedus’ face only to end up with a rather pretty and sparkly beard.

Hardwick quickly runs over to take a sparkly selfie:

And executive producer Scott Gimple adds, “The Game of Thrones people are going to look fabulous!”

Check out the hilarious clip from the panel below.  By the way, if you watch closely, do we spy with our little eye a sparkle of glitter on Andrew Lincoln’s cheek even BEFORE any sparkly antics go down?!  That glitter stuff really DOES stick around forever!  We are sure this is just the beginning of many more pranks yet to come!


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