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‘The Walking Dead’: Old Favorite Characters Returning To The Screen

Published on January 9th, 2020 | Updated on January 10th, 2020 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead’s chief content officer, Scott Gimple, has been talking a lot about the future of The Walking Dead. But it turns out, we’re going to get to to take a look at the past too.  Gimple answered a few questions for EW regarding other spinoffs and television events that may bring back the likes of some of our favorite characters.

EW: I don’t know how you could have time for anything else while doing all these shows and the movies, but in terms of other forms, formats, video games, whatever — are there are other things percolating in the Walking Dead universe, even if it’s down the line more?

Gimple: Oh, absolutely. We’re working on a big push of something I was working on originally and then I got much more focused on the shows in my first year on this job and developing World Beyond and getting the movie going. We really do want to come out with different TV formats, meaning shorter things, and then some event series, limited event series. I’m trying to get together a number of different things that we can show at different times during the year, and this focuses on characters we miss and we lost. It focuses on aspects of that new mythology. It focuses on stories that occur in our universe and have nothing to do with anything. Nothing to do with the shows or the movies, that are just these little zombie tales that happen in our world with our rules and our timeline but are just really great zombie stories, really great stories of the end of the world. I’ve been working on that with a variety of people, and that’s actually proving to be super fun and interesting.

EW: What about filling in some backstories for characters and characters maybe that have already died along the way on Walking Dead or other shows?

Gimple: That’s exactly what we’re doing. I mean, it isn’t the only thing we’re doing. It’s not like everything is like Gotham, but that’s one of the sort of three kind of categories that we’re tackling. It’s awesome. It’s awesome to be able to play with characters that we’ve lost, and it’s awesome to fill in some of the blanks.

The potential to see the backstory… FINALLY… of some of our all-time favorite characters is an amazing visual opportunity for The Walking Dead. Imagine seeing Glenn (Steven Yeun) driving around, delivering pizzas, just as the zombie apocalypse starts! Or, imagine seeing Abraham (Michael Cudtliz) or Jesus (Tom Payne) or even Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) confronting the world as it’s falling apart.

The storytelling opportunities are endless!

What story are you hoping to see The Walking Dead tell and which characters are you hoping to see brought back?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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