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‘The Walking Dead’: Norman Reedus Says Women are Taking the Lead in Season 9

Published on October 8th, 2018 | Updated on October 8th, 2018 | By FanFest

The ninth season of The Walking Dead will have women at the helm, both on and off screen. According to Norman Reedus, the rumors about Daryl being the new rick are completely false.

He revealed to that the women would be in charge this year. Reedus says that the men running the show over the past few years have over saturated the show with a lot of macho vibes, with nothing happening, thus making the show a little too monotonous.

“I will say that this train this year is being driven by women. 100 percent. From the show runner to the directors to the writers to the actresses. I think what’s happened the last couple years is it’s been driven by men and you’ve ended up with two guys in particular chest bumping. ‘I’m gonna kill you.’ ‘I’m gonna kill you.’ ‘I’m gonna kill you, what are you-‘ and everyone’s like, ‘Is somebody gonna kill somebody?’ There’s none of that happening right now.” he says.

Angela Kang is now at the helm of the series, and with last night’s premieres, we already saw that Maggie really stepped up to take control of what she could.

“This show feels like a Western, but at the same time it’s scarier, it’s more emotional, it’s more heartfelt. There’s no posturing. No one’s posturing. I will say that the female spirit has put that bad guy in a cage, and it’s over there in a cage, and there’s a whole bunch of others— happening.”

Not only will women be coming into their own this season, but so will some kids.

“There’s a lot of kids on the show now who are kicking ass. This is going a little off topic, but it’s fun for me to work with them because I have my thing. I growl. Michonne has her stare forward and her nostrils flare. Jeff’s got his [leans back] … whatever that is. Everyone’s got a thing. These new characters…There’s a whole new energy in the end right now. It’s nice.”


You can catch the second episode of season nine of The Walking Dead on Sunday on AMC.


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