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The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus and the Dark Ending for the Series Finale

Published on November 18th, 2022 | Updated on November 18th, 2022 | By FanFest

For over a decade, fans have watched The Walking Dead rip apart hundreds of walkers on-screen. Now, however, the show is finally coming to an end…sort of.

The cast of The Walking Dead recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about how they would like to see their characters treated in the show’s finale. Season 11 of The Walking Dead will air its final episode on Nov. 20, bringing an end to Rick Grimes’ story arc which began with him waking up in a hospital in Atlanta. With so much left unresolved, the cast members had some interesting things to say about their ideal endings.

Norman Reedus, who plays everyone’s favorite crossbow-wielding badass Daryl Dixon, has a dark idea for his conclusion. What would he like to see? “Everybody dies.”

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While Reedus has some pretty dark ideas, the rest of the cast disagrees. Cailey Fleming believes that Judith should have a more magical ending.. “I think that it would’ve been awesome to see her riding off into the sunset on a unicorn,” she said.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan had opposite plans for their character’s fake futures. Jeffrey wanted Negan to profess his love to Maggie and leave Annie behind, but Lauren thought that Maggie would rather just spend the day eating croissants in a café in Paris.

One of the strangest fake outcomes that I could think of is Melissa McBride finding it fun to see Carol floating off in a hot air balloon, out of sight and fate unknown.

The last episode of The Walking Dead will air on AMC Nov. 20. Even though the primary series is ending, there are still numerous spinoffs being developed.

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