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The Walking Dead: New Series, ‘Tales of The Walking Dead’ Starts Filming Next Week

Published on January 13th, 2022 | Updated on January 13th, 2022 | By FanFest

According to The Gainseville Times, Tales of the Walking Dead, a spinoff of the zombie television show, The Walking Dead, is scheduled to begin filming in Buford, Georgia on Tuesday, Jan. 18.

The report says that “for a donation of $30,000, Hall County is allowing Stalwart Productions to lease the property at 5711 Holiday Road, located on a small back-road that will close down once filming begins.”

The site now features a prop convenience store called “Mini Mart,” and a prop Mexican eatery called “2 Panchos,” connected by an asphalt parking lot. The show is reported to be a new spin-off anthology series following characters and stories from The Walking Dead. Filming on the site is estimated to last 53 days, according to the location agreement.

The Assistant County Administrator Marty Nix said, “We’re in the process of cleaning that property up and getting ready to do the civil work,” Nix said. “We got contacted by this company saying, ‘Before you tear these buildings down could we use it for a production?’”

Tales of The Walking Dead will follow past characters and new characters in stories centered in the world of The Walking Dead. The reason that fans are mostly excited about this show is the fact that it will explore the back stories of many fan-favorite characters.  It has been rumored that characters such as Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), Glenn (Steven Yeun), and Shane (Jon Bernthal) will all get one-off episodes that will tell new stories.

The show will tell a new story each week.  There have been rumors of musical, animated, and other genre-type episodes that will mix things up in the world of walkers.

So… any clues or ideas as to who you believe this first episode will focus on based on “Mini Mart” and “2 Panchos?” If you’ve got an idea, let us know in the comments below!


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