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‘The Walking Dead’: Michael Rooker Remembers Scott Wilson and Comments on James Gunn Marvel Exit

Published on October 26th, 2018 | Updated on October 26th, 2018 | By FanFest

Walker Stalker Atlanta is in full swing this weekend at the Georgia World Congress Center for the biggest Walking Dead fan meetup all year!

Merle Dixon himself, Michael Rooker, was one of the first guests to kick off the weekend with a panel talking all things Walking Dead! Rooker’s performance as Daryl’s brother Merle was certainly a brazen one, but his relationship with his brother when the two reconnected later in the series was something that fans really connected with. Of course, many will also recognize Rooker from his days playing Yondu (aka Mary Poppins, Y’all!) in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) - The Walking Dead_Season 3, Episode 7_"When the Dead Come Knocking" -
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Check out some of the highlights from Michael Rooker’s panel below!

Since it’s almost Halloween, it seemed fitting to kick things off by seeing what horror movie scared the s–t out of him as a kid. Turns out, he’s not a fan!

[row]”All of them! I was a scared little kid. I had to watch at least 20-30 minutes of cartoons after a scary movie just so I could go to sleep. I still do that now!”[/row]

Someone wanted to know if Merle was still alive on The Walking Dead would he have fought with Negan? And Rooker’s answer was perfect.

[row]”I think Merle would have put that Lucille where the sun doesn’t shine!”[/row]

What was his favorite Merle scene to film on The Walking Dead? 

[row]”The rooftop scene in the very beginning!”[/row]

The fandom is still emotional over the recent passing of Scott Wilson and Rooker had some lovely words to say about everyone’s favorite vet.

[row]”Scott was always thinking about others. No matter what was going on in his life, he was always asking if you were okay. He always kept coming and he always kept asking. He was one of the most loving individuals that I knew.”[/row]

Michael Rooker, Yondu, Guardians of the Galaxy

He also took some time to talk about the similarities between Merle and Yondu:

“They’re both very strong proponents of tough love.” 

So, if Yondu and Merle had to fight head to head…who would win?

[row]”Well, Yondu would probably impale Merle and Merle would stick him in the ear with his knife.”[/row]

Rooker also gave a quick comment on James Gunn’s exit from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise:

[row]”It was terrible, but guess what? He’s doing Suicide Squad!”[/row]

And if you’re looking for something to bring to Rooker at your next meet and greet, he did reveal his favorite food!

[row]”Chocolate covered pretzels…the dark chocolate ones!”[/row]

More fun from the panel to come…stay tuned! And be sure to check back to Fan Fest throughout the weekend for all of your Walker Stalker Atlanta coverage including behind the scenes content, interviews, and panel news!


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